7 Effective Hacks for Women Who Want Gorgeously Shining Hair ...


7 Effective Hacks for Women Who Want Gorgeously Shining Hair ...
7 Effective Hacks for Women Who Want Gorgeously Shining Hair ...

You don’t need expensive hair products to have shiny hair. It’s nice when you can indulge and even nicer when you find a product that you can afford and love the magic it works, but you can get great looking locks without breaking your beauty budget. Here’s how:

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Make Natural Oils Part of Your Hair Care Routine

Using natural plant oils regularly is an effective way of making your hair look shiny and healthy. Flax, coconut, hemp, olive, and avocado oils are some nice choices. Argan oil is also very effective due to its vitamin-E content and loads of fatty acids. Apply the oil at least an hour before you shampoo for the best effects.


Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

Most women notice their hair becomes less manageable and frizzier due to chemical treatments such as straightening, coloring, and frequent washing with harsh shampoos. Washing your hair daily will strip the hair of its natural oils, resulting in dull-looking and flat tresses. For oily hair, you can shampoo your hair every day or after a workout, but even that is not advisable if your hair is already damaged.


Choose the Right Conditioner

If you want your hair to glisten, choose your conditioner carefully - select a conditioner that is right for your hair type. To get shiny hair, be sure to select a conditioner that includes ingredients such as jojoba oil or Shea butter.


Switch to Baby Shampoo

There's one thing that always unites us when it comes to hair – we want shine and vibrancy. And you can get it by using baby shampoo to wash your hair. Since it doesn't contain harsh chemicals, it works gently and makes your hair look as shiny and feel as soft as a baby's hair. It will also make your hair smell nice.


Condition Your Hair Regularly

Never skip conditioner or you will miss the opportunity to make your hair shine. If you have straight hair, you may already have some shine in it because its flat cuticle is light reflective. For straight hair, wash and condition your hair and don't forget to blast it with a cold-water rinse for a few seconds. This will ensure that your hair absorbs the conditioner, which will add a ton of shine to it.


Use a Diffuser

Even though diffusers come with hair dryers most of us don’t use them - a shame ‘cos it does help to get shiny hair. Blow-drying is always a moisture sapper, so it makes sense to apply heat-styling products to protect your hair. Diffusers also work in a similar fashion and ensure you're not applying too much heat to your hair or in a concentrated area. Want silky, smooth and shiny hair after a blowout? Use a diffuser.


Eat Healthy Fats and Protein

Eating certain fats and protein will help give you lustrous hair. Protein in fish, meat, soy, and beans help your body make a fibrous protein called keratin that builds your nails and hair. Eating healthy fats such as those found in hemp, flaxseed, almonds, salmon, coconut products, tuna, and trout, will also help improve natural shine in your hair.

I think I’ve shown you can leave the expensive product on the shelf and still have shiny hair. Which are you going to try?

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Get a keratin treatment at your salon. Your hair will transform into amazing smooth silky hair. Keratin is what your hair is made up of so your adding it back in. It will hold your color longer& make it much more vibrant! Every 4-6 months. Use pureology shampoo& conditioner& get regular trims. Biotin added to all this will strengthen your hair, keep it shiny,& make it grow faster.

Hair masks also work wonders👍

this is it true?

Baby shampoo ?

@jackie I love pureology shampoo and conditioner. I also like using unite hair products.

switch to shampoo bars made with natural oils, no waste and good for the environment. Ditch harsh chemicals, plastic containers that harms the the environment, and really bad for your hair. Common sense.💕

try olive oil to make hair smooth and shiny

Brazilian blowouts make your hair feel amazing

Frequent washes with gentle shampoo and conditioner

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