The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Natural Blonde ...


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Natural Blonde ...
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Natural Blonde ...

Like all hair colors, there’s good and bad that come along with being a natural blonde. Some of these may be things that you’ve thought of and some you haven’t. It’s good to be realistic about the advantages and disadvantages your hair color gives you. Then if possible, try to focus on the good to keep a positive attitude!

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Advantage: You Can Skip Shaving Longer

I’m a natural blonde and can attest that this advantage is one of the best. Your hair doesn’t show at the slightest sign of growth like it does on a brunette. It’s true that it doesn’t feel smooth and soft when you skip shaving. But you have the advantage of it not showing unless someone gets extremely close to you. And anything that can buy you an extra day or two in between shaving is a good thing.


This invisibility of hair growth comes in handy on busy mornings or spontaneous beach trips. No more panic-stricken razor sessions! Plus, lighter leg hair also often translates to finer and less noticeable textures, reducing the discomfort and frequency of shaving. And let's not forget the savings on all those hair removal products. Ready to rock that cute sundress or comfy shorts out of the blue? No problem – your secrets safe with your fair follicles. It's a subtle yet liberating benefit that our brunette friends might just envy.


Disadvantage: Pale Lashes

This’s something I detest about being a natural blonde. Your blonde lashes can look like they’re invisible. All those dreams of lovely dark lashes are just that- dreams. This’s why mascara is so important to natural blondes. Ask them what beauty product they can’t live without and you’ll always get mascara as an answer.


Natural blondes often have to rely heavily on makeup products to bring out the full beauty of their features. Mascara becomes their holy grail, thickening and darkening lashes to make eyes pop. Without it, many blondes feel their eyes disappear on their face, lacking definition and drama. In a pinch, eyeliners and lash tinting are viable alternatives, but they rarely match the transformative power of a good mascara. It’s the swipe of confidence for every blonde who wants that classic look of full, visible lashes without resorting to false ones or permanent solutions like lash dyeing.


Advantage: You Can Go Longer between Waxing or Threading Your Brows

There’s good and bad about being a natural blonde when it comes to eyebrows. The good is that you can go much longer between eyebrow appointments than someone with dark hair. A few little strays isn’t going to show on you. For your brunette sisters, they have to be very vigilant to keep their eyebrow appointments up. You can relax a little when it comes to this beauty routine.


This low-maintenance perk comes into play especially during busy periods or vacations when setting up grooming appointments might be the last thing on your mind. And let's not forget the savings! With more time between visits, you can spend that extra cash on the fun stuff or save it for a rainy day. Brunettes might envy you for this one, as their brow maintenance could almost be considered a part-time job. Just remember to give your brows a little love and shape them from time to time to maintain that effortlessly polished look.


Disadvantage: It’s Hard to Maintain Your Eyebrows between Appointments

And of course, there’s a flip side when it comes to your naturally blonde eyebrows. Maintaining them between eyebrow appointments is challenging. You want to tweeze away strays but it’s not always easy to spot them. The trick to this is to always work on your eyebrows in sunlight. It has a way of highlighting even the blondest of hairs.


Advantage: Highlights Look Natural

When a natural blonde goes for highlights, it has a beautiful effect. You’re just barely kicking things up a notch, resulting in a lovely hairstyle that makes people wonder if it’s natural or not. Also, you’ve got the blessing in years to come of gray roots not showing as badly. Until your hair is almost completely gray, it’s just going to blend with your natural blonde. The effect can actually be very pretty which is why many natural blondes elect not to color their hair as they age.


Disadvantage: You Probably Sunburn Easily

This one’s no fun. If you’re a natural blonde then chances are high that you can’t take the heat. And by heat, I mean sun. You probably burn very easily. It’s important that you’re vigilant with your sunscreen. Always apply it every two hours when you have continuous exposure.


Advantage: You May Have Adorable Freckles

Since you sunburn easily, you probably don’t tan well. And while that’s a bummer, your skin has it’s own way of showing sun kisses. That’s by the adorable smattering of freckles you probably have. You may not like them at all but you probably get tons of compliments on them. Trust the compliments; freckles are quite adorable!

These’re 7 of the advantages and disadvantages of being a natural blonde. What others can you add to the list? I can’t wait to read your comments!

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I'm natural blonde, but my eyebrows are brown and my eyelashes are dark.

I have almost white eyebrows and lashes, it's annoying also.

And you know if you have almost white hair and light skin but still tan easily. It's funny contrast at the end of the summer but i still cant give up my sunbathing ☀️.

I love my hair they are silky straight and smooth and i love to make hairstyles

de and have to shave everyday :(

I'm natural blonde, but I have brunette colored brows. People think I'm naturally a brunette because my brows are darker than my hair. It's annoying.

It's more like blondes with fine hair, they rarely need to shave or wax which I envy but I'm a natural blon

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