17 Mind-blowing Expert Tips to Thicken Your Hair ...

By Heather

17 Mind-blowing  Expert  Tips to Thicken Your Hair  ...

I love thick hair. I have wicked thin hair and I'm always looking for ways to make it thicker. Are you in the same boat? Try some of these awesome ways to thicken up your hair! Seriously, they work!

1 Change up Your Hair Washing Habits

I know, this one will be hard. Shampoo about twice a week so you can cleanse your scalp and hair without stripping it of all of that moisture.

2 Use Lukewarm Water

Not hot! Keep that in mind.

3 Avoid Combing Your Wet Hair

It can cause all kinds of hair damage. Instead, let it air dry and then detangle it with a wide-toothed comb.

4 Manage Your Stress

Your hair can actually fall out when you have excess stress!

5 Aloe Vera Deep Treatment

You just extract the gel, rub it onto your scalp, leave it on your hair for a half an hour and wash it away. It'll leave you hair looking beautiful.

6 Biotin

It works! Trust me.

7 Choose the Right Brush

Boar bristle is the brush that you totally should use for the ultimate thick hair.

8 Choose the Right Hairstyle

Chin or shoulder length hair is perfect for the girls with thinner hair.

9 Change How You Style It

Remember, a bit of volume can make you look like you have really thick hair.

10 Linseed Oil is Huge!

This will stimulate hair growth and will look so thick.

11 Don't Stress out

Seriously, you'll lose more hair which won't look thicker at all.

12 Look for Vitamin-rich Shampoos

Shampoos with vitamin E and B5 are huge.

13 Use a Paddle Brush

Ditch the round brush and instead, use a paddle brush, it'll help your ends lie flat.

14 Opt for a Blunt-style Cut

This will help keep your ends crisp.

15 Long Layers

Trust me, they will make your hair look so, so thick!

16 Pantene Expert Hair Regrowth Treatment

OMG – this treatment? Amazing. It preserves your hair and is amazing. Try it!

17 A Mix of Light and Dark Pieces

For your color, do a mix!

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