Delightful Tips to Make Your Hair Dry Faster for Girls in a Rush ...

By Neecey

Delightful  Tips to Make Your Hair Dry Faster for Girls in a Rush  ...

We love the results of blow drying our hair but the time it takes, not so much. I’d rather have extra minutes in bed than time tied to the hairdryer. It’s tedious and most of us would probably prefer to be doing something else. It’s also one of those things that if you don’t do it properly, it can color your entire day. That’s why I’m sure you’re going to love these genius blow drying hacks that cut the time but not the quality of results.

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1 Condition and Comb Thoroughly

Did you know that conditioner not only smooths and softens your hair, it can also help it to dry faster? The silicones in the product can coat and seal each strand which works to repel water, so when you are in the shower, make sure to have a wide toothed comb within reach, and when you condition your hair, give it a thorough comb through to make sure that every single strand gets a good coating. Trust me, you will feel a difference when it comes to drying time!

2 Stop Towel Rubbing

It can be very tempting to give your hair a good onceover with your towel, but the excessive rubbing back and forth motion is doing damage, roughing up your cuticles! Instead of doing a dramatic and frenzied back and forth, instead invest in a microfiber towel get in to the habit of using it to squeeze out excess water. It is known to be up to twice as effective and won’t make your hair unnecessarily frizzy and tangled.

"When it comes to hair care, using a good shampoo is crucial. Try the best clarifying shampoo to help restore your hair's natural luster. Suitable for all hair types, it effectively removes product build-up and environmental impurities, leaving your locks clean, vibrant, and full of life."

3 Have You Heard of Plopping?

Trust me, it’s not as gross as it sounds! Girl with curly hair can use this technique to help your curls dry faster and in a more natural shape. Saturate your damp hair with leave in conditioner, and then take an old cotton t-shirt and place it on a flat surface. Lean your hair over so that it is ‘plopping’ and then lift it to form a makeshift headdress/turban. Leave it for around 20 minutes and you’ll find your hair has dried significantly and produced amazing curls.

4 Do Everything else First

You should try to let your hair dry as naturally as possible before resorting to brushes and dryers, so to make this easier rather than sitting and waiting, do all of the other parts of your beauty routine that you can before you get to your hair. This way you will have killed time without feeling like you are just sat there waiting for your strands to dry.

5 Don’t Blow Dry Soaking Wet

Did you know that attempting to blow dry your hair when it is completely wet takes much longer than if you waited for it to become 30% to 40% naturally dry beforehand? Attacking your hair with a dryer when it is completely wet just means that more time has to spend drying the top layers of strands, and this can lead to an uneven and unsatisfying finished result. Let your hair air dry for a bit first.

6 Don’t Skimp on Products

It can be tempting to pick up whatever hair products are on sale at the time, but it really makes a difference if you find some god quality products that work for you, and stick to using them long term. You should be looking for products that contain heat-conducting polymers, which draw the excess moisture from your hair and make for a much shorter blow dry.

7 Make Sure You Are Using the Right Brush

Some girls don’t realize that all the different types of hairbrushes and combs are intended for different kinds of hair. If you are blow drying, make sure you are using the right brush for your hair type because if you are not, there is a good chance that it is hindering the speed at which you could be completing your hair routine.

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