The Most Genius Tips Ever for Girls Who Have Curly Hair ...


The Most Genius Tips Ever for Girls Who Have Curly Hair ...
The Most Genius Tips Ever for Girls Who Have Curly Hair ...

Having curly hair comes with its own unique challenges and perks. I have pretty straight hair so I can tell you all about my curly hair dreams but I also know that curly girls work hard to keep their curls looking all gorgeous and envy-worthy. I did some research around the web and found some of the most brilliant hair care tips for curly girls that you’ll want to incorporate into your hair care routine ASAP to master your hair type. Let’s go!

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Start Dusting

hair, face, clothing, black hair, hairstyle, Dusting is a term used to describe trimming off the ends of your hair. This hair technique is used by many hair types but dusting curly hair while it’s dry can help keep hair looking and feeling healthy in between your hair appointments. Also, by keeping it dry when you dust, you know exactly how your hair is going to look and you won’t have to deal with any shrinkage.


Track Your Hair Washing

hair, black hair, face, eyebrow, nose, If you have a date or other event you want to look your best for, track the look and feel of your curls after you wash your hair. Some ladies prefer the look of their curls a few days after they wash so they plan ahead with their hair washing schedule. To maximize your curls and get your best hair, track how your hair looks after you wash so you get the perfect amount of volume, definition, and fullness.


Treat Your Scalp Weekly

hair, human hair color, face, clothing, blond, No matter what type of hair texture you have, taking good care of your scalp is essential to having healthy and beautiful hair. DIY or buy a scalp treatment which helps get rid of buildup or flakes once a week so your scalp and roots get plenty of TLC. A happy scalp = happy curls!


Get More Protein

hair, face, person, nose, hairstyle, Speaking of hair treatments, your curls need some special treatment, too. When you’re buying hair care products, look for protein in the list of ingredients to strengthen your hair. It’s also a good idea to consume more protein to really nourish your hair from within. Try a protein supplement or through a protein powder, poultry, or dairy.


Scrunch Your Hair

hair, human hair color, face, blond, eyebrow, Scrunching hair is crucial for curly girls who want to create volume and bounce and beautiful curls start before you even get out of the shower. Once you’re done in the shower, flip your head over and start scrunching your hair to get out the excess liquid. Next, lightly diffuse your hair and continue to scrunch your hair.


Dry Condition Your Hair

hair, face, clothing, black hair, hairstyle, While you can buy a can of dry conditioner, we’re referring to something different. Take a small amount of conditioner and apply it to the mid-length and ends of hair. Doing so refreshes, revitalizes, and re-moisturizes your curls leaving them soft, touchable, and shiny.


Blow Dry Your Hair Strategically

hair, hairstyle, clothing, black hair, long hair, Most curly girls know that going to bed with your hair wet or blow drying all of your hair can result in unruly curls. To avoid a head of overly fluffy or wild curls, be strategic when blow drying your hair. Dry just the ends or do a combo of your ends and some of the hair at the crown in order to wake up to polished and pretty curls. You can also diffuse your hair until it’s somewhat but not completely dry. Pin up your hair in some clips and then dry again before you head out the door.


Apply Hair Products with Care

hair, human hair color, face, blond, hairstyle, If you’re often in a rush, you might have a habit of applying a glob of product, combing your fingers through, and you’re done. If you’re not happy with how your hair looks after this method, try applying hair products with care so each section of hair is coated with product. This ensures that each curl is defined and you didn’t miss a section of hair.


Condition before You Shampoo

hair, face, hairstyle, eyebrow, nose, Shampoo often tends to dry hair out so some curly girls prefer to condition first, then wash with shampoo (also called reverse wash) and minimize the time it’s in your hair. You can try this with your favorite shampoo and conditioner combo or try some hair products specially designed for this purpose like TRESemme's Reverse System Shampoo and Conditioner.

So there you have it, ladies some tried and true tips on caring for your curly hair! What curly hair care tips and tricks do you have? Sharing is caring!

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My hair always at it's best after wash and conditioner.After that one 2days it's just fizzy and tangles so easy very very dry hair ...Help

Does this apply for weaves and extensions?

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