The Most Genius πŸ’‘ Tips Ever for Girls Who Have Curly Hair πŸŒ€βžΏ ...

Having curly hair comes with its own unique challenges and perks. I have pretty straight hair so I can tell you all about my curly hair dreams but I also know that curly girls work hard to keep their curls looking all gorgeous and envy-worthy. I did some research around the web and found some of the most brilliant hair care tips for curly girls that you’ll want to incorporate into your hair care routine ASAP to master your hair type. Let’s go!

1. Start Dusting

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Dusting is a term used to describe trimming off the ends of your hair. This hair technique is used by many hair types but dusting curly hair while it’s dry can help keep hair looking and feeling healthy in between your hair appointments. Also, by keeping it dry when you dust, you know exactly how your hair is going to look and you won’t have to deal with any shrinkage.

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