Discover What Your Hair Color Says about Your Personality Here ...


Discover What Your Hair Color Says about Your Personality Here ...
Discover What Your Hair Color Says about Your Personality Here ...

Wondering what your hair color says about your personality?

A brutally honest breakdown of 2017. If ever there was a “me” generation it is now. Men and women today have broken through many socially acceptable barriers, and are no longer afraid of showing who they are. Arguably, a great deal of this is done using fashion. Women in particular have transitioned through many phases of fashion. We began with big dresses with waist thinning corsets. At one time, women wore hats the size of mattresses, and barely showed skin under the penalties of law. As wars were fought, and times changed, so did attitudes toward how women wanted to be perceived. Dresses, hair and hats got smaller, and shorter. Women, for the first time created a new platform to reinvent the idea of how a woman was to be perceived. During the 1920’s they wanted to define themselves by the clothes they wore, and the hair they rocked.

A hundred years later women have turned themselves into canvases that they decorate with endless and liberating possibilities to express who they are. Clothing is usually a tell-tale sign of the way a person’s personality sways, but what about hair color? Colors play a huge part, especially today, in telling a person’s story. Just about every color imaginable is out there christening heads throughout the globe. Before slapping on a new hue though, I’ve chosen the seven most common hair shades, and what they represent. Here's what your hair color says about your personality.

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hair, eyebrow, human hair color, beauty, hairstyle, The most dominant color happens to be my natural tone. When I think brown, I think of heavenly things such as coffee, chocolate, and football. It seems to be a color most people feel safe with. People with brown shades are typically down to earth. They don’t need to depend upon mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, your mom etc. They can do their own thing, and do it well. Brown promotes strength, trust, and reliability.

As another brunette, rapper Trina once said, “ my own dolla’ bills. I can feed myself.” Brunettes don’t like change, and if you’re planning on getting frisky with one in the parking lot of Target you may want to think twice, because they are not into spontaneity or surprises, so give some notice first before the hormones start going crazy. Brunettes have it together, and they make up the biggest percentage of designated drivers too.

Famous Brunettes include, Penelope Cruz, Winona Ryder,
Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Liz Taylor, Jackie O, Natalie Wood and Coco Chanel.

People with brunettes aren’t bullshitters. They aren’t fake. They are leaders. Strong. Bad to the roots.



hair, blond, human hair color, eyebrow, beauty, Ever since 7th grade, I've always wanted Drew Barrymore’s hair from when she was in Batman Forever. I was blonde ONCE, and I won’t be bleaching my hair anytime soon. For a natural brunette, I find being blonde is too much upkeep. Also, I didn’t feel like I had any identity. I felt like a fraud. Nothing against blondes. I still envy my RN’s whitish blonde hair. There are many shades of blonde, so I chose three.

Yellow Blonde
Who would’ve guessed? Blonde’s are happy people. They are energetic, bubbly and look forward to the future, and more than likely can talk your ears off, and if you don’t take caution they can make you tear your own strands out. They are fun to be around, but beware. They are jealous. They look out for themselves, and that’s what is important to them. If you do them dirty, they will conspire for payback. This kind of blonde is calculating. The CIA actually would offer her a job if she could just stop talking too much. Blondes tend to be anxious. Like brunettes, they depend on themselves. If they get lazy in doing their roots, it could be a sign of depression. So, the next time you’re at Walmart, and you see a faded blonde in her pajamas don’t hate. You don’t know what she’s going through.

White Blonde
White is the purest color. It represents starting over. Girls with this color do not like complications. Having bleached strands could mean that you feel alone, and empty. DEEP THOUGHT ALERT: Whitish blondes could be trying to escape from something, and they feel the need to be rescued from the dark.

Gold Blonde
These are the blondes who ALWAYS have an opinion. And, guess what? They seem to think they are always right. They know who they are, and are defined by no one. Firm, but bossy, they are viewed by others as dull, boring, stubborn, and uptight. But, no matter how people view blondes, they have been shown to be strong women, just with extra emotional baggage.

Famous blondes include Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Drew Barrymore, Pamela Anderson, Gisele Bundchen and Jen Aniston.



hair, human hair color, wig, beauty, red hair, As long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to be a redhead. Something about red is exciting. It’s different, and edgy. It may be because the color red wakes up your appetite for food, and for frolic. Reds are energetic. They can keep up with you in public, and behind closed doors. They are passionate.

They love sex. They need sex. They want sex. Sex is a must in their lives. Even if you’re staring at the ceiling the whole time making out your grocery list. They like to be the center of attention. I know I do. I started with fire-engine red, then toned it down to magenta, and now I'm at deep violet, which gave my red a auburn, and less unapproachable look. Extreme redheads don’t really care about the looks they get, just so long as they are getting the looks.

They have dreams, and will pursue them. They are impatient, and easy to piss off. If you piss of a redhead, leave. Take a trip away from the state for awhile. Do not go near them until further notice. They like rituals. They aren’t necessarily religious though. They don’t want to rule the world, but want to be noticed. They have a short attention span and hard time focusing because something cooler usually catches their attention.



eyebrow, human hair color, blond, forehead, hairstyle, Pink is one of the least common colors, but the realest of the bunch. They are a toned down red head. They are kind, loving, and put others before themselves. They are the most trusted, but are probably shy. They are dependent, and don’t know how to take care of their own needs. All pinkies want is to be loved.

Famous reds or pinks include Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman, Sophie Turner, Isla Fisher and Rihanna.



eyebrow, beauty, lip, human hair color, black hair, Like its hue, black is mysterious. Girls with black hair are similar to brunettes, but prefer to stay hidden and protect themselves. Although they look fierce, black hair may be a sign of a lack of self-confidence. They do not keep people close to them. Their biggest thing is the need to protect themselves. It’s the color that get’s emotionally stung, and is painful for a while for them. Don’t be an asshole to them. They are the ones who hurt even if they hide it well.



hair, pink, purple, human hair color, eyebrow, My least favorite color is purple, but none the less, it is a very interesting shade. People who go purple are looking for something. They want to escape life, and are quite spiritual. They’re probably shy, but peaceful. I’ve noticed from one friend in particular that if you like the color purple than everything from your car seats to your bathroom mats, bedding, phone case, and dishes will be purple. Purple will overtake them. I don’t know why, but take caution. Too much purple in your life can turn you into a super-bitch.

If they give, they want something in return, but not too much. If you compliment someone on a dress, you want them to give you a compliment on your shoes, but don’t want them to ask you to go shopping. Maybe it’s just shyness, or maybe it's because too much purple at home is turning them apeshit. They are free spirited, and never on time.



hair, eyebrow, human hair color, hairstyle, chin, Green is my next hair color if I ever find a job or boss who is hip and understanding. I saw green hair on one person in a YouTube video and it was the only time I’ve ever wanted it. Now, we’re talking fluorescent green, almost yellow. But, if you’re playing with the thought of going green this may help.

Greens are wanna-be hippies. They love nature, and being outside, so they probably aren’t natural blondes. They are caring people, and keep their cool. Like pink, they are real. They don’t have anything to hide except their natural hair color. They don’t pass up that doughnut, and will regret it later on because they have no plans on passing up that pizza slice with pineapple and whip cream. They like food.

They’re determined, but want to be loved, and love everyone. Green’s have that I need to fit in bug that gets them in trouble when talking about Becky’s boob job behind her back. They’d make good bosses because they don’t like to get their hands dirty. They just like to watch. If you are a greenie, you may be a sadist. Or a freak. They dream, but don’t act upon those dreams. They need something in return, but not too much. Just give them a cupcake, and a hug.



beauty, eyebrow, human hair color, model, hairstyle, Blues are smart, and maybe intelligent. They are reliable. We can trust them, but they don’t trust until you let a little time pass. They run it by your brain a few times. They like peace. On the outside blues seem like they have it together, but inside they may be a mess. Blues make a good drinking buddy as long as they’re out with their usual group. A blue hair can be a very crafty bitch if someone pisses her off. They like order in life. They don’t know how to love themselves. So, while YOU may be busy with the blonde who exceeds the number of fools in her fan club, a bitch fit could come onto a blue hair all because they are bad at loving themselves. They look for someone to look up to. They move slowly, but carefully. They need zen.

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