How to Get Super Soft Silky Hair ...


How to  Get Super Soft Silky Hair ...
How to  Get Super Soft Silky Hair ...

Want to know how to get super soft silky hair? As women, it feels like it is an age-old tradition and curse that you are never quite satisfied with how your hair is feeling and looking on any given day! No matter how well you dry it the night before or no matter how much you condition and care for it, it never seems to be quite as soft and silky smooth as the adverts and models show you it is supposed to be, right? When it comes to achieving silky soft locks, the struggle can be too real, and that is why we think it is important that every woman read through this like of great tips for how to help you achieve your hair goals. Save it to your favourites, pass it on, spread the knowledge! Here's how to get super soft silky hair.

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Absorb Excess Water

Although it might not seem like it, the drier your hair is, the more nutrients it actually absorbs. After you have gone through your usual shampoo routine, wrap your hair in a towel for at least three or four minutes before you proceed to condition it. This can make all the difference in terms of the conditioner really working its best magic on your hair. This is one of my best tips for how to get super soft silky hair.


Focus on the Ends

When you condition your hair, don’t apply it directly to your roots, because that is the hair that is new and healthy! Instead, apply a palm’s worth of product from the midsection downwards, and get even better results by using a wide tooth comb to spread the conditioner out evenly.


Trap Heat

Dampen the inside of a terry-lined shower cap and try to wear it for at least ten minutes while you have conditioner in your hair. The cap will trap a lot of extra heat and this will help to open up your hair follicles, meaning that you will enjoy a much deeper soak and nourishing treatment from the product.


Don’t over Rinse

Try to fight against the urge to rinse until you are completely squeaky clean. Rinse with cold water so that your hair becomes nice and slippery, and any small bits of conditioner that are left on your strands will keep working for you as the day goes by.


Pick the Perfect Treatment

For fine and dry hair, you want a deep conditioner that is filled with hydrating vitamin E. For colour treated hair, you want to amp it up with an oil treatment that will smooth the potentially brittle ends. For damaged hair, you need something that is heavily keratin based because it will add shine and strength.

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