7 Genius Ways to Give Your Hair More Volume for Girls with Lifeless Hair ...


7 Genius Ways to Give Your Hair More Volume for Girls with Lifeless Hair ...
7 Genius Ways to Give Your Hair More Volume for Girls with Lifeless Hair ...

Are you looking for ways to add more volume to your hair?
As a general rule, it would be fair to say that us girls are never quite satisfied with how our hair is looking on any given day. No matter what products we use and what kinds of brushes and appliances we buy, we can always find something about our locks to complain about! For many, the go-to problem is the issue of volume. Unless you have a stylist on hand 24/7 to keep your hair looking natural and bouncy, anyone with a tendency towards thinner or more lifeless hair will know just how frustrating it can be when you can’t achieve the sort of strength and depth that you are looking for. But fear not, this isn’t an impossible task! Here are some ways to add more volume to your hair.

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Volumizing Shampoo

Your first port of call should always be a shampoo product that boasts volumizing properties. Sometimes it is also wise to skip the conditioner part of the hair washing routine, because conditioner tends to make hair heavier and sleeker, therefore losing volume. Volumizing shampoo is one of the easiest ways to add more volume to your hair.



When you are fresh out of the shower and your hair is still wet, squirt a hand full of mousse and apply it to your looks. After that, get to work with your blow dryer, focusing mostly on the roots, and you will find that healthy bounce and volume is created.


Avoid Too Many Products

Ideally, shampoo and mousse should be all you need. You shouldn’t be layering too many different products on to your hair because it will only serve to weigh it down and have the absolute opposite effect of producing volume.


Clip It up to Dry

If you don’t like to use a blow dryer when doing your hair, then get hold of some jaw clips and put it up in a high pouf instead, to let it dry naturally. This helps to lift your roots and adds some much needed body to them.


Curl It

You can use heat to add volume to your hair by curling it. Curling gives anyone’s hair some extra body and depending on how extensively you curl, the volume will stay in your hair all day long. The great thing about curlers is that they add body to your hair while also protecting it from frizzing and overheating.


Sea Salt Spray

An easy way to add volume and texture to your hair is by investing in a good sea salt spray. Spritz everywhere and use your fingers to scrunch the product into your roots and strands. Don’t use a hairbrush for this task.


Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is definitely one of the hair industry’s greatest products! Not only does it save your hair from looking greasy when you haven’t had time to shower, but it can also give you a much needed boost of body and volume when your locks are looking flat and uninspired. Always have a can close by!

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