Expert Tips for Home Hair Lightening without the Hassle ...

By Leiann

Expert Tips for Home Hair Lightening without the Hassle ...

With the holidays coming up, do you feel like you want a little change? Are you wondering how to lighten your hair at home for a brand new Christmas look?

With all of the Christmas shopping, you really don't have the money to go to a salon, right? Your dark hair is just super depressing. Here is a video you might appreciate that's all about how to lighten your hair at home.

Kaila Sunday
June 1, 2017

She spoke about an overtone conditioner site for ideas. She chose 2 L'oreal Preference boxed size systems. They do not contain full bleach. Then, from Sally's, she bought 3 Correct Plus packets for mixing.

Mix the boxes with packets. It will be a purple color that will combat red tones.

Apply to ends of roots for 15 to 20 minutes. Then, to the rest of your hair, for 25 minutes. It will smell terrible!

Wash it out. Your hair won't be totally blonde, but about 3 shades lighter. No more dull and boring! They'll never know you did it yourself! Maybe you'll get noticed by HIM.

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