Care Tips for Short Permed Hair ...

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Care Tips for Short Permed Hair ...
Care Tips for Short Permed Hair ...

Wavy hair have been all over the runways recently and if you want to get the look for yourself, you need care tips for short permed hair. Having a perm helps you to get rid of straight hair and breathe new life into your personal style. If you want to get a perm, you will need to get the best tips possible. Here's everything you need to know about taking care of short permed hair.

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There are two modern types of perms. A digital/hot perm is the most common and leaves your hair curly/wavy when the hair is dry. The other type of perm is a cold perm. This type of perm means your hair is only curly/wavy when it's wet or has a styling product in it. A cold perm uses less heat and is safer for your hair. Learning care tips for short permed hair for each type of perm will give you great looking hair every single day.



Washing your hair right away will actually ruin your perm. Wash your hair only after three days have gone by. This allows time for the curls to set in. Waiting before you wash is the single best way to keep wavy perms for short hair looking awesome.



Chlorinated water and treated water can make it hard for your hair to hold its wave. To help keep those waves, avoid treated water for as long as possible. If you are a swimmer, wear a swimming cap to protect your perm.



Part of having your wavy hair stay intact is using a shampoo that is specifically designed for those with wavy hair. The ingredients in such a shampoo are gentle on permed hair. This kind of shampoo is also designed to coax the hair into staying the way it is. Most women use conditioner but using a quality conditioner regularly after you have a perm helps to keep that perm looking fab.

Getting a wavy perm for short hair can help you to get a brand new look. Being able to change up your straight hair with a natural looking perm is a desire that many people have. With the right stylist, you will have perfect hair to impress all of your friends and even yourself.

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