Temporary Ways to Color Your Hair without the Commitment ...


Temporary Ways  to Color Your Hair without the Commitment ...
Temporary Ways  to Color Your Hair without the Commitment ...

Have fun with your hair color without it being permanent! These temporary ways will give you all of the color of a normal hair dye. Inexpensively and quickly add whatever color of the rainbow you want to your locks without the commitment. Here are the top temporary ways to color your hair!

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Chalking is hair chalk that you rub up and down on your hair. Allow time to dry and set with firm hold hairspray. This typically lasts until your next shampoo.



Use anywhere from one to six packets of unsweetened Kool Aid. Pour powder into a sauce pan, adding water to make it a liquid consistency. After bringing to a boil, allow time to cool, then dip your hair in and hold for a couple minutes. Remove, pat dry, and refrain from washing your hair for the next day. This can last up to a couple weeks depending on your hair type.



This fun method uses any eye shadow colors to bring colorful streaks that last until your next wash. Work with one section at a time and spray hair with water to start. Use a small amount of conditioner on each section, and then take the shadow down your hair, coating it as many times as you'd like. Finish by sealing with hairspray.



Color Rub temporarily adds color to your hair that easily washes out. There's 9 bright colors to choose from. Rub directly onto your hair for dip dye and tie dye color looks. This product is awesome because it won't rub off or transfer to clothing.



Use the mascara wand to pull color through the tips of your hair or to add streaks. If you have dark hair, try using a white base mascara first. Let dry before touching. Colored mascara will last after washing your hair 1-2 times.

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Open the marker and remove the tube of color. Using scissors, cut the tube open and remove the felt. Using a cup of water, dip and transfer directly to the desired areas of your hair. This will last anywhere from a couple days to a couple months depending on your hair type.



Food coloring is super simple and lasts anywhere from a week to three months, depending on how dark/light your hair color is. First, put on gloves. Then, pour food coloring directly on your hair, rubbing in the desired amount. You can just use your hands, or you can use a toothbrush to comb into your hair. Wait ten minutes before blow drying, and don't wash your hair for at least one day.



Colored hairspray is super easy to use and lasts a few days. It's best to spray outdoors--even though it can easily be washed, save yourself the cleanup time. Style your hair first, then spritz anywhere you want to add color. Pro tip: apply makeup after!



Give your hair dimension with hair clip ins! This is the healthiest way to add color without damaging your hair. Snap in place, blend in clips to your natural hair, and style.

It's fun to experiment without the commitment of a permanent dye. What's your favorite way to add color to your hair? Is there a new method that we should try? Comment below!

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These would only work for light hair

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