Super Quick Ways to Refresh Your Hair Right after the Gym ...


Super Quick  Ways to Refresh Your Hair Right after the Gym ...
Super Quick  Ways to Refresh Your Hair Right after the Gym ...

After working out, anyone can be a hot sweaty mess. That's just life. Fixing your hair post gym is a lot easier than you'd think. Here are the top ways to quickly refresh your hair in the locker room.

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Dry Shampoo

hair, clothing, hairstyle, blond, long hair, Revitalize your sweaty, limp hair with dry shampoo, the perfect alternative to washing with soap and water. Spray onto your roots, hairline, and underneath for extra volume. There's no such thing as too much dry shampoo, so spray away!



hair, hairstyle, long hair, braid, brown hair, Braids look best with messy and even dirty hair. Brush your hair thoroughly and braid tightly or loosely. It can look perfect or perfectly messy based on your outfit and mood. If braids aren't your thing, not to worry--you can always pile all of your hair on top of your head to create a stylish messy bun. Don't forget to bring bobby pins to secure your 'do.



perfume, beauty, pink, eye, nail, The secret to great smelling hair doesn't mean you have to be fresh from the shower. Simply spray a couple sprays of hair perfume, or even body perfume on the back of your neck to overpower post workout hair. This doesn't mean you have to bring the entire bottle--buy travel sized perfumes to slip in your bag. Problem solved.



hair, color, blue, clothing, hairstyle, Slip on a headband to cover already flat, sweat hair. No one will be able to tell that your sleek 'do is the result of time sweating at the gym. Your headband can be as dressy or sporty as you'd like--there's so many different styles of headbands to choose from. So chic.


Dry Conditioner

hair, hairstyle, blond, long hair, spring, Apply dry conditioner on your ends. It's lightweight but leaves your hair the good kind of shiny. Washing your hair all the time isn't healthy for your locks anyways. You really should only wash your hair a couple times each week depending on your hair type. If it's naturally dry, twice a week is the max, If your hair is naturally oily, three times a week is all you need. The dry conditioner is perfect for in between washes and will keep your hair healthy long after your workout.

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Dryer Sheets

hair, hairstyle, long hair, arm, muscle, Before you say no, this is actually borderline genius. Grab dryer sheets and swipe over your hair for a static-free finish. This is perfect for the dry winter months and the smell of fabric softener will smell like you just washed your clothes. What's better than that?


Hand Dryer

hair, hairstyle, long hair, brown hair, braid, If a blow dryer isn't handy in your locker room, just stick your head under the hand dryer instead. Don't feel embarrassed--once women see you doing it, they'll think your idea is so smart that they'll now feel comfortable doing it, too. A little water in a spray bottle and hot air can drastically freshen up your hair.

Come to the gym fully prepared with all of your supplies. Bring a change of clothes as well so you can go from the gym straight to wherever you need to be. These quick ways will leave your hair looking like you just left the salon. What are your favorite ways to style your hair and save time after a workout? Comment below!

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