7 Awesome Hairstyles for Oval Shaped Faces ...


7 Awesome Hairstyles for Oval Shaped Faces ...
7 Awesome Hairstyles for Oval Shaped Faces ...

There are so many fabulous Hairstyles for Oval Shaped Faces and if your face is oval, you should consider yourself very lucky, sister! Why? Because every and any hairstyle works great for your face. Now, although oval face is, generally, one of the best shapes for hairstyles, there a few special hairstyles for oval shaped faces that are supposed to really bring out your best features. So, if you’re feeling out of ideas and you really want to change something about your hair, consider these 7 hairstyles for oval shaped faces:

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Extra Chic Bob

Oh you lucky, lucky lady! You have no idea how lucky you are! Did you know that a famous, super chic Victoria Beckham bob is one of the most ideal hairstyles for oval shaped faces? I know some of you may think that bob isn’t a really versatile hairstyle but you can really do a lot with it. You can crunch it or curl it to look like Carrie Bradshaw, straighten it to get a shiny classy up-do or style it using a big round brush, tease here and there and voila – a magnificent Mrs. Beckham up-do!


Super Short

If you’re desperate for a drastic change you should definitely consider getting a haircut! And, guess what? You can make it EXTREMELY short and still look like a million bucks! Emma Watson, a proud owner of one of the most beautiful short cuts also has an oval shaped face and the same can be said for Rihanna and Posh who also rocked a short haircut not so long ago.



Feel free to experiment with bangs because, with an oval face like yours, you simply can’t go wrong! Now, there is one tiny problem some girls with oval faces might have to deal with and that’s a forehead that, depending on the hairstyle, might seem a bit high. Well, that’s where bangs come into place. Try a side-sweep style if you prefer a modern yet low-key look or risk with something edgier in case you want to show off your wild personality.


Crazy Color

Next on my list of amazing hairstyles for oval shaped faces is a fresh new paint job to go with your brand new cut! Oval shaped face can tolerate virtually anything and, although you shouldn’t choose a color that clashes with your skin tone, you should definitely try something new, interesting and totally whacked! Ruby red, platinum or purple are some of my suggestions but the actual choice up to you. And remember, as long as you stay within the colors that suit your skin tone, the change would be an awesome one!


Layers and Medium Length

Oval face is a blessing and although you have nothing but sky as the limit when it comes to choosing the perfect hairstyle, there are two things you should stay away from – hair that’s too long and one length hair. Hairstylists warn that these two styles can literally “eat up” your face making you look like Morticia Addams and advise shoulder length (or maybe just a tad longer) and lots and lots of layers.


Combine Styles

You can add bangs to your fabulous, classy bob, opt for an edgy Pink-like short cut, rock a pixie cut, straighten your shoulder length locks for a glam look or crunch your naturally flat hair to get those sexy surfer girl waves. Feel free to think outside the box, try something new or combine two hairstyles that fit you perfectly into one that will look absolutely stunning! With so many interesting hairstyles for oval shaped faces, you simply can’t allow yourself to get stuck in a rut.



Whether you’re rocking a long but not too long up-do or you’re perfectly happy with your polished bob, you can always afford to live a little by using some hot rollers or finally allowing your hair to curl naturally. Curly hairstyles for oval shaped faces are so diverse, so versatile and so divine so definitely and I really mean definitely give them a shot!

Lucky you! I’d love be able to wear a pixie cut and look good with it! Or that fancy Posh asymmetric bob! Hairstyles for oval shaped faces are so fun! Don’t you agree? And which hairstyles for oval shaped faces are your favorites?

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this is such a great help! I have an oval face but I can\'t seem to find the right style. I have long hair and this has helped me so much! Thank you! xx

kindly paste pictures of hair styles as reference. I will be more helpful for poor readers.

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