7 Best Hairstyles for 7 Face Shapes ...

Hairstyles for Your Face Shapes are important considerations when you want a new 'do. When choosing your best hairstyle for your face shape, you should consider which styles you like, which styles suit your lifestyle and hair type, but above all β€” which hairstyle will look the most flattering on you! While choosing the best hairstyle is ultimately about your personal taste there are some basic rules you should follow, starting with your face shape. Thus, I present the best hairstyles for 7 different face shapes! Read on to discover the very best hairstyles for your face shape!

1. Oval

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If your face is oval shaped, lucky you! There is no limit to hairstyles for your face shape! You can pull of nearly any hairstyle or hair shape! I have an oval shaped face and I have had every different hairstyle from long to short lengths, layers, bangs, blunt cuts, angled ends-you name it, I've had it! I can personally verify that this face shape can pull of any haircut you want!

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