7 Best Hairstyles for 7 Face Shapes ...


7 Best Hairstyles for 7 Face Shapes ...
7 Best Hairstyles for 7 Face Shapes ...

Hairstyles for Your Face Shapes are important considerations when you want a new 'do. When choosing your best hairstyle for your face shape, you should consider which styles you like, which styles suit your lifestyle and hair type, but above all — which hairstyle will look the most flattering on you! While choosing the best hairstyle is ultimately about your personal taste there are some basic rules you should follow, starting with your face shape. Thus, I present the best hairstyles for 7 different face shapes! Read on to discover the very best hairstyles for your face shape!

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Oval If your face is oval shaped, lucky you! There is no limit to hairstyles for your face shape! You can pull of nearly any hairstyle or hair shape! I have an oval shaped face and I have had every different hairstyle from long to short lengths, layers, bangs, blunt cuts, angled ends-you name it, I've had it! I can personally verify that this face shape can pull of any haircut you want!



Square If you have a square face, chances are you have a strong, angular jaw. What a gorgeous attribute! The best hairstyle for your facial shape is something with a lot of texture. Curls or choppy ends or even short spiky cuts are right up your alley! Avoid blunt cut bang hairstyles at all costs. You don't want that disaster on your hands-I mean head!



Long If you have a long face, you probably desire the perfect hair cut that doesn't drag down your face and adds length. Right? Well, then you most certainly need to add some brow-skimming bangs. A chin length bob will help create the illusion on width so feel free to head in that direction. Just avoid the pixie cut which will make you look like a little girl!



Heart-Shaped Of the 7 best hairstyles for 7 best face shapes, I love this one the most! Having a pointy chin is seemingly the demise of some girls, but I think they are adorable! The best hairstyles for your face shape will draw the focus more to your eyes and cheekbones. Try a side swept fringe and a strong part. Keep your layers long and soft and avoid short, blunt cut bangs at all costs!



Round Round faces can be hard to accommodate, but don't despair! There is a great 'do for this face shape as well and I'm going to try to help you find it! What you need to do is to make your face appear longer and leaner, and to do this you'll need a cut with less volume around the face. A shoulder length haircut with soft graduated layers is your ideal style. You can have bangs if you like, but keep them long and side swept.



Rectangular A rectangular face is much like the long face, only with a square jawline. The best hairstyle for your face shape is the one with lots and lots of volume. Layers around your chin can soften the harsh lines and a little bit volume on the sides will help you create the illusion of a wider face. That's your best hairstyle!



Pear-Shaped The attributes of a pear shaped face are narrow foreheads and wider jawlines with round chins. You can easily give this face shape the illusion of an oval shaped face by creating width at the forehead and temples. Have your stylist add some layers and show you how to tease them to add that luscious volume. There's your best hairstyle!

Finding the best hairstyles for your face shape really isn't hard once you understand the lines, angles, and curves of your bone structure. While it's not uncommon for someone to walk into a salon with a certain celebrity haircut that they want in mind, remember that the key to finding the best hairstyles for your face shape means having a hair cut that works with your facial structure, not against it. I hope you were able to find the best hairstyles for your face shape on my list! Going by the information here, what are some cuts that you think would work for you?

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Hi!! I have a heart shaped face.. I think. And a little bit longer than shoulder length hair. And I just am crazed...I kinda hate it. Maybe it's me, but my head just seems so big. How do I style it to create the allusion of a smaller face? (:

Hey this is very god it explINA lot where do we get the products from if we have an oval shaoed face

I have a rectangle face and fine thin hair that won't do volume. What are my options?

my face is round so wich is best hair style for me

im short bout (4,2) tall for my age im 11 and i have long hair bangs how could i wear it ??

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