Recipes for Homemade Hair Growth Treatments ...

By Helena

Being a woman is so much fun! We get to play around with our makeup, try on cute dresses and try different hair styles. If our hair annoys us, we simply cut it off. If we love our long locks, we wear them proudly! But while it's easy to cut your hair, getting it to grow at a super speedy rate is kind of a challenge... until now! Check out these 17 easy DIY homemade hair growth treatments and see the cool results!

1 Super Hair Growth Oil Diy Recipe

This video gives you an easy step-by-step guide on what ingredients to use to get longer locks and how to use them. Its main ingredient? Coconut oil, which is fantastic for improving scalp circulation.

2 Diy Har Mask

With four simply ingredients, this hair mask is an excellent way in which to aid your hair growth. Grab yourself some mayo, olive oil, an avocado and two eggs and you're good to go!

3 Cinnamon Hair Mask ‌‌

This is an easy to follow video done in an quirky style with some vibey music in the background. That means you can find a cool solution for slow hair growth and enjoy the tunes at the same time! Win/win!

4 Recipe for Hair Growth

IBy following this video, you will learn how to get those locks growing faster in just over two minutes! A girl in the rush? You're welcome!

5 Fast Hair Growth Recipe

If you're feeling the effects of hair thinning, then this video is for you. There's no need to go to extreme measures in order to get full luscious locks!

6 Homemade Oil for Healthy Hair

This neat video not only shows you how to get those roots busy, but also how to get stunning shiny hair too.

7 Diy Natural Hair Growth Treatment

In this video, the speaker boasts a recipe that only requires two ingredients. Isn't that an easy DIY project?!

8 Secret Hair Growth Oil Mix

Here, you'll read about a recipe that is mainly comprised of various oils and is great for those who have fine natural hair.

9 Homemade Hair Deep Conditioner

If you've got some tired and matted curls and you're in need of a little sprucing up, this video will be right up your alley.

10 Diy Ginger Hair Mask for Extreme Hair Growth

Here, you will learn about the benefits of ginger. Hint: it doesn't just help you get longer locks, but also eliminates dandruff!

11 Diy Hair Growth Oil & Scalp Treatment

If you're looking for an effective hair growth supplement as well as a scalp treatment that eliminates itchiness, this video is sure to leave you impressed.

12 Diy Growth Oil for Longer, Stronger Hair

Learning the secrets of this video means that you'll have a recipe to inspire hair growth AND a great moisturizer for your skin after you get out the shower.

13 DIY MASK for Long Hair Growth

For an aid that'll accelerate hair growth and encourage hair thickness, check out this useful video. You'll start to see results within a week.

14 Diy Hair Growth Deep Conditioner

For an interesting twist, this recipe is strictly vegan and has properties that'll also make your hair stronger!

15 Coconut Milk for Hair Growth

If you're a fan of DIY then you'll love this video. Instead of being instructed to buy coconut milk, the video teaches you how to make your own! Nifty, huh?

16 Magical Hair Growth

Thsi video gives you an interesting recipe that you may have never seen before. More the reason to try it? I think so!

17 Diy Olive Oil & Mango Butter

Who knew that mango butter was a key ingredient in promoting hair growth? Interesting!

So whether you're looking for a change in hairstyle or even to have a complete makeover, these tips will most certainly get you on the right path to longer, stronger and more manageable hair! Happy DIY-ing!

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