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Recipes for Homemade All Natural Hair Dyes for Color without Chemicals ...

By Lucy

The idea of dyeing your hair might sound great, but who wants to deal with all those harsh and damaging chemicals that so many dyes contain? Not only are all-natural hair dyes much safer in this sense but they will also protect your hair from things like damage, hair loss and dry, dull ends!

Many of the all-natural recipes listed below are made with lots of easy and common kitchen ingredients so they'll be super easy to whip up at home! Plus, lots have moisturising and hydrating properties to benefit your hair while giving you the colour you're after!

Please note that some of the options below will take time to see a significant change in hair colour as it's a gradual process, so for this reason patience is key!

1 Coffee

Who would have thought you can actually use coffee to darken your hair?! Basically what you want to do here is mix coffee with an all-natural conditioner, apply to your hair and leave for an hour before washing off!

2 O.a Natural, Herbal Powder

For this you will need O.A 100% natural herbal hair dye powder, any Essential Oil, table salt, sugar and warm water. Click on the video to see how to begin this clever natural hair dye!

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3 Henna Powder

This option requires a bit of heating, stirring and pouring, but it will be well worth your time spent preparing for those who love the idea of using Henna to dye their hair!

4 Herbal Lightener

This is a great herbal recipe that will lighten your hair or give you some great highlights at the very least! You will need lemon, honey, cinnamon and Vitamin C capsules.

5 Hibiscus Tea and Henna

For a vibrant red tinge to your hair, try mixing Hibiscus Tea with Henna for an effective homemade all-natural hair dye!
If you want to follow the recipe then just click the video above!

6 Chamomile, Honey and Lemon Juice

We all know that lemon juice is excellent for lightening hair, but sometimes it can damage your hair or cause it to dry out. Counteract this with nourishing honey and chamomile - another natural lightener for hair!

7 Honey, Cinnamon and Olive Oil

Add raw honey, water, cinnamon and olive oil into a small bowl before mixing. Let the mixture sit for an hour, apply to your hair and wash out after an hour or two depending on your preference and how much time you have! Repeat this all-natural homemade recipe every week or so and your hair will gradually lighten each time!

Which homemade recipe are you excited to try out on your hair? Let us know in the comments!

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