7 Homemade Recipes to Prevent Hair Loss ...


7 Homemade Recipes to Prevent Hair Loss ...
7 Homemade Recipes to Prevent Hair Loss ...

If you're finding way too many hairs all over your pillow and coat, and in your hairbrush, maybe it's time to try a mask or treatment designed to give you thick, healthy hair — and keep it on your head, where it belongs! Here are a few "recipes" that can help... ready for some help-your-hair DIY? Let's go!

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DIY Ginger Hair Mask

This handy hair mask does it all — it prevents hair loss, promotes new growth, and treats and prevents dandruff! It's just two ingredients, both easy to find. Sweet!


DIY Hair Growth Oil Mask

You'll feel like you're making a kitchen-magic marinade for chicken or shrimp or something, but truly, this oil treatment is made for max hair growth and as little loss as possible. I tried it, and it made my hair seriously shiny, but I can't tell if it made my hair fall out any less. Give it a go!


DIY Hair Mask for Frizzy, Dry, and Damaged Hair

If your hair loss is from breakage due to over-use of heat styling (or just in general), this is the repair mask for you. Again, you probably already have the ingredients on hand — vitamin E capsules, olive oil, coconut oil, and honey — now just follow this recipe and help your hair!


Guava Leaves?

My first question is, how do I get guava leaves in Michigan? This looks simple enough — make a sort of tea with the leaves, then spray it on your roots — so now I just need to find the leaves. Any ideas?


2-Ingredient Protein Hair Mask

Strong hair is less prone to fall-out and breakage, and this mask promises to make your hair Superman (wait! SuperGIRL) strong. Both ingredients (castor oil and avocado oil) are loaded with protein, so save some for your smoothies, too.

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DIY Hair Growth Tea

This sounds like... I'm not sure I'd enjoy a lot of it. But it promises to strenghten hair, prevent fall-out, and actually help with weight loss, so I'm going to try it. You only need two easy-to-find ingredients, and you can mix them up however you like. Yum, maybe?


DIY Hair Growth Smoothie

Finally, a smoothie designed to taste great AND prevent hair fall out. It's so tasty, even your little ones will love it... and it's completely healthy, too. This is one hair loss prevention recipe that's easy to incorporate into your beauty routine.

Side note: she also has a really cute video where she explains that drinking red wine (or spraying it on your roots) can actually help with fall-out, but it wasn't a recipe, so I didn't include it here.

Anyway! Which of these concoctions have you tried, or so you have another trick or tip to share?

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