7 Hair Faux Pas You Shouldn't Allow Yourself to do ...


Hair faux pas – how does that sound? Feel guilty already? Well, no reason for that just yet because we won’t be discussing poor hairstyle choices or obviously unsuitable hair colors! Oh no, no, no – these hair faux pas are deeper, way more serious and, although I’m positively sure no self-respecting lady out there is guilty of them all, I’m sure we’ve all taken a step into a dangerous territory at some point, even if it was a really teeny, tiny one. But let’s cut straight to the point – here are a few tips on what I believe all of us girls should avoid in order to truly become one of those iconic classy-looking ladies who, although not necessarily rich or dressed to perfection, are always remembered for their amazing hair:

1. Perpetually Dark Roots

It’s okay to be late for your appointment with the colorist, it’s okay to skip it too and yes, it’s okay to have visible roots from time to time! What I don’t think any woman who dyes her hair should allow are those unsightly dark shadows that never seem to go away. Read the instructions thoroughly to avoid this hair faux pas and apply your dye to growth that requires some serious coloring first, letting the formula work its magic there, covering the rest of your length 10 minutes before the end of the process. This simple trick will help you revive your entire color, reduce the damage that occurs when you dye your entire length over and over again and help you achieve much better results in terms of that growth-length color difference.

Unmaintained Hair
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