7 Hair Faux Pas You Shouldn't Allow Yourself to do ...


7 Hair Faux Pas You Shouldn't Allow Yourself to do ...
7 Hair Faux Pas You Shouldn't Allow Yourself to do ...

Hair faux pas – how does that sound? Feel guilty already? Well, no reason for that just yet because we won’t be discussing poor hairstyle choices or obviously unsuitable hair colors! Oh no, no, no – these hair faux pas are deeper, way more serious and, although I’m positively sure no self-respecting lady out there is guilty of them all, I’m sure we’ve all taken a step into a dangerous territory at some point, even if it was a really teeny, tiny one. But let’s cut straight to the point – here are a few tips on what I believe all of us girls should avoid in order to truly become one of those iconic classy-looking ladies who, although not necessarily rich or dressed to perfection, are always remembered for their amazing hair:

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Perpetually Dark Roots

It’s okay to be late for your appointment with the colorist, it’s okay to skip it too and yes, it’s okay to have visible roots from time to time! What I don’t think any woman who dyes her hair should allow are those unsightly dark shadows that never seem to go away. Read the instructions thoroughly to avoid this hair faux pas and apply your dye to growth that requires some serious coloring first, letting the formula work its magic there, covering the rest of your length 10 minutes before the end of the process. This simple trick will help you revive your entire color, reduce the damage that occurs when you dye your entire length over and over again and help you achieve much better results in terms of that growth-length color difference.


Unmaintained Hair

Hair damage can occur even when you’re not hooked on hair dyes and the worst thing you can do is not try to do anything about it. Care for it, experiment with DIY masks and conditioners if you’re on a tight budget, use natural oils available at any drugstore or pharmacy and don’t forget to trim your ends regularly. You don’t have to give up half of your monthly salary to get your hair to look well-groomed! Do it at home! It sounds like a mission impossible but gets much easier once you make a habit out of it. And when your hair looks like it’s getting the attention it needs, your entire appearance gets a boost!


Half Done ‘do

Half done 'do is a no can do and if you’ve ever seen a girl that forgot to do a 360 in her mirror before leaving the house, you certainly understand why this is one of those hairstyle mistakes to avoid…at all cost. But pillow-flattened is not the only “what not to wear” in this department – that also goes for up dos ,blow-outs, not to mention teased styles where you can actually see the messy, teased sections. Take a pocket/hand mirror, turn your back to the big one and use the hand-held one to assess your hairstyle from the back and sides as well – if it seems okay, you’re good to go; if not, fix it.


Questionable Hair Hygiene

Okaaay, time to say a few words on something very serious! Hair hygiene! And I’m not talking about washing only! I’m talking about dandruff as well as all other scalp issues, including infections and head lice! Yes, it happens and no, it’s not a big deal but once the problem occurs, acknowledging it instead of trying to pretend all is cool is pretty much the only acceptable road to take. I know, I know – talking about it in this way really makes you wonder “Is it really necessary?” and go like, “Wake up and smell the 21st Century,” but hey… you’d be surprised to know that there are plenty of old wives tales still being passed around and taken seriously. Like the one that you shouldn’t wash your hair when you have your period, for example!


Stuck in the Rut and then Some

A normal, non-celebrity gal probably doesn’t need to change her hairstyle as often as Rihanna and Katy Perry do but still, you’ve got to agree that even the best of styles need to be updated here and there. Preferably, a bit more often than once a decade. Even Oprah and her all-knowing buddies agree this is a hairstyle mistake to avoid, advising us to use our hair and all the interesting options it gives us to our advantage. It can help you look younger, more stylish, sexier, classier, more feminine or more fun – why settle for just one or risk scoring none with your boring, outdated style when you can explore them all by simply experimenting with your hair?


Scrunchie Addiction

Running errands, picking up your kids from school, mopping the floors, being your own plumber when hubby’s not around (yeah, been there-done that)…there sure are some situations in which a scrunchie is a must-have! In fact, you should definitely have a few and use them with pride. Loving them to the point in which a scrunchie becomes your only styling option is a hairstyle mistake to avoid… unless you’re an extra for the Fresh Prince of Bel Air remake, of course. Nothing wrong with ponytails, buns and other types of practical and stylish up dos, of course, as long as you ditch the scrunchie and start experimenting with stylish clips, barrettes and bobby pins.


The “Never Quite Good Enough” State of Mind

Last but maybe even the most important of them all – do I need to tell you how totally wrong it is to believe that your hair is less pretty than anyone else’s! No need to go there, missy, as that is totally not true! Don’t give up on your tresses! Love them, experiment with them, learn how to care for them and they will be returning the favor, looking better than ever and giving you all the confidence you could wish for.

Are there any other hairstyle mistakes to avoid and is there something that, although not as critical, tends to annoy the heck out of you? Do tell!

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