13 Recipes for Amazing DIY Leave in Conditioners ...

DIY leave in conditioners too fall under the category of cool hair care stuff you can make at home in order to save or simply make sure you aren’t putting any of those harmful chemicals in your precious hair! And if you enjoy collecting recipes for homemade hair care products, I’m sure you’ll want to know how to make a DIY leave in conditioner as well. But, why wait? Here are some cool recipes you can try right now:

1. Coconut Oil Defrizzer

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In case frizz and flyaways are to blame for most of your bad hair days and you happen to have a package of coconut oil just lying around in your kitchen you can simply grab some of that and use it as a leave in conditioner! When applied on wet hair coconut oil will help smooth out hair, giving it amazing shine, softness to die for and that perfect dose of heaviness healthy hair should have. Give it a shot – it’s one of the simplest recipes for DIY leave in conditioners out there and… well… you do notice that there is no mixing and blending involved- right? Piece of cake!

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