7 Best YouTube Channels for Hair ...


7 Best YouTube Channels for Hair ...
7 Best YouTube Channels for Hair ...

It seems like there’s a YouTube channel for everything: funny cats, new Olympic-themed memes (poor McKayla!), and of course, move trailers. But my favorite new category of YouTube channels is all about hair! There are literally thousands of YouTube channels for hair, so it’s not easy to find the best of the bunch. But I can help! Here are my picks for the 7 best YouTube channels for hair… grab your comb, some bobby pins, and some ponytail holders and let’s go!

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I absolutely adore Bebexo… in my view, she has the absolute best YouTube channel for hair! She’s completely gorgeous, and she always comes up with the most creative, unique styles. Her tutorials are clear and simple, and she always shows the entire process, so there’s no room for error. Check her out!


The Beauty Department

Two words: Lauren Conrad. I love her contributions to this, one of the indisputable best YouTube channels for hair. I love her in the demo for the fishtail braid… she actually does the braid herself, and she makes it look easy.


Cute Girls’ Hairstyles

As the name of this YouTube channel for hair implies, it’s all about cute hairstyles for us girls! There’s always something new here, styles you won’t see anywhere else… it’s the perfect hair channel to visit when you’re looking for back-to-school style inspiration!


The Basics on Beauty

While most YouTube channels for hair seem to be geared for girls in their 20s, this one has loads of how-to’s for younger girls. The tutorials are simple to follow, with clear instructions. They also take their time explaining how-to, which is also helpful… no having to rewind or replay to get the hang of it!


Luxy Hair

Again, this is one of the best YouTube channels for hair because there are so many helpful tutorials for so many styles! Of course, there are loads of braids, from the simple French braid to much more complex braids.


Foxy Locks Extensions

If you have short hair, like me, then this is the YouTube hair channel for you! This channel gives provides lots of ideas for how to use extensions to create styles you’ll love, from simple messy ponytails to complicated braids and updos.


Wendy’s Lookbook

Who is Wendy? Whoever she is, she’s got excellent style, which makes her channel one of the best YouTube channels for hair. I love how her videos are organized, and how she shows you exactly how to wear a look or style.

With so many marvelous, helpful hair channels on YouTube, there’s no reason to ever leave the house without a stylish, gorgeous do! I especially love Bebexo, but which of these YouTube channels for hair is your favorite? Or do you have another have hair channel that didn’t make my list? Please share!

Top Image Source: vandemast.com

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Lilthdarkmoon and cinthiatruong have great stuff too!!

Forgot Lilith moon!!

Lilthdarkmoon and Itsjudytime are my favorite :)

I also LOVE tesschristine123!!!!!!

I Love BebeXO...I found her a couple weeks ago looking for a video tutorial of a bow bun!!!

do you think you could give me maybe like the top 5 or 4? Cuz I can't go through all of these >.<;;

Lilith Moon!

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