7 Products to Help You Enjoy a Cool Yet Temporary Hair Color ...


7 Products to Help You Enjoy a Cool Yet Temporary Hair Color ...
7 Products to Help You Enjoy a Cool Yet Temporary Hair Color ...

Products for temporary hair color are the perfect solution in case you can’t or simply don’t want to commit to just one color or risk chemical damage that you’re not perfectly happy with the results! But that’s not all! We have temporary hair dye to thank for all that crazy colors we’re often tempted to experiment with but aren't willing to risk damaging out tresses for. You give it a go, enjoy it for a while then go back to your normal-self, just as that. Flick of a wrist, finger snap, one rendezvous with a clarifying shampoo and you’re ready to do it all over again…or not! Sounds like a dream come true? Well, take a look at this handy breakdown of all the best shots available to find products for temporary hair color you’d like to start your experimenting session with.

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Semi and Demi Permanent Dyes

By far the most popular products for temporary hair color, semi and demi-permanent dyes are the best thing to use in case you’re not too into experimenting and want a color you can enjoy more than a couple of days. These colors contain very small amounts of ammonia as well as finer color molecules that ensure a longer-lasting color that can still be rinsed out within a few months. Demi-permanent dyes contain just a tad bit more ammonia than semi-permanent ones and are therefore great for covering grays. Give them a go in case you want real color that needs more than a couple of washes to wash out yet isn’t strong enough to significantly “lift” the base color or cause damage to your hair.


Temporary Hair Dyes

With molecules large enough not to seep into the hair shaft and cause long-lasting pigmentation and mild ammonia and peroxide-free formula, temporary hair dye rinses out fairly quickly, giving you an interesting color to rock in the meanwhile. No stress, no commitment and no hair damage – isn’t that just perfect? Go for it in case you want to change your looks for the holidays but don’t want the transformation to last longer than Valentine’s day.


Temporary Highlights

Praised by magazines and beauty bloggers all over the world, this fun new way to achieve a one-night multi-toned tresses is a must-try! Hop by your local Sephora and Give Alterna’s 1 Night Highlights a shot or experiment with many temporary-highlighting sprays and comb-on solutions you’ll find in beauty supply shops all over the world! These solutions are to be applied and left to dry while the streaked effect they provide rinses out easily with just one shampoo! Tempted? Well, I am too!


Color Hair Gels

When you’re young and eager for changes only a product for temporary hair color can give you, you’ll definitely want to know everything there is to know about it and maybe even try everything there is to try about it. If that seems to be the case, you should definitely turn your head in the direction of colored hair gels and experiment with the craziest, temporary colors there are! These interesting products won’t only help you get the crazy color you want but work as a super-strong styling aid as well, helping you create an out-of-this-world style to match your out-of-this-world color. And that’s not all! Some even glow in the dark and well, well, one shampoo session later –all gone and you’re ready to rock your normal school-friendly hair color until the next weekend!



Now there’s a two-in-one you didn’t see coming! A yummy, instant drink and a product for temporary hair color all in one! Mix three satchels of unsweetened Kool Aid in the color you want adding enough water and hair-conditioner to turn in into an easily applicable paste to use as hair dye. Apply, sleep on it, rinse out and voila! Be careful when picking your shade, though! Red will stay on your hair the longest while blue starts changing into green after a few washes.

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Color Shampoos

Looking for middle ground? Something not as serious as conventional dye and not as risky as DIY temporary hair dye? Well, you’re more than welcome to take your pick amongst tons of brands that offer this interesting hair coloring solution! Color shampoo can’t turn your dark tresses blond, of course, but will help you alter their color a bit in a non-damaging, non-commitment fashion. Oh and let’s not forget all of you light-haired ladies (and gents) out there – now you certainly have a lot of options (read:colors) to choose from!


Natural Rinses

But let’s not forget natural mixtures that could help you achieve your goal! Browse through the Hair section more thoroughly to find recipes to help you brew herbal mixtures and give your tresses a makeover that may require some maintenance but is also 100% natural, non damaging, non toxic and….ding, ding, ding – totally reversible!

And, before you decide to use any of these, do have one very important thing in mind – they are temporary only if your hair is healthy. Temporary hair dyes are not supposed to penetrate the hair shaft yet may do so in case the other layer of your hair is damaged by bleach or chemical treatments. You’ve been warned! Stay trendy, stay gorgeous, do let me know what you think about temporary dyes and feel free to suggest your favorite products.

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