7 Products to Help You Enjoy a Cool Yet Temporary Hair Color ...


Products for temporary hair color are the perfect solution in case you can’t or simply don’t want to commit to just one color or risk chemical damage that you’re not perfectly happy with the results! But that’s not all! We have temporary hair dye to thank for all that crazy colors we’re often tempted to experiment with but aren't willing to risk damaging out tresses for. You give it a go, enjoy it for a while then go back to your normal-self, just as that. Flick of a wrist, finger snap, one rendezvous with a clarifying shampoo and you’re ready to do it all over again…or not! Sounds like a dream come true? Well, take a look at this handy breakdown of all the best shots available to find products for temporary hair color you’d like to start your experimenting session with.

1. Semi and Demi Permanent Dyes

By far the most popular products for temporary hair color, semi and demi-permanent dyes are the best thing to use in case you’re not too into experimenting and want a color you can enjoy more than a couple of days. These colors contain very small amounts of ammonia as well as finer color molecules that ensure a longer-lasting color that can still be rinsed out within a few months. Demi-permanent dyes contain just a tad bit more ammonia than semi-permanent ones and are therefore great for covering grays. Give them a go in case you want real color that needs more than a couple of washes to wash out yet isn’t strong enough to significantly “lift” the base color or cause damage to your hair.

Temporary Hair Dyes
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