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Products for pin straight hair I’m going to discuss here will definitely make styling much easier and, as such, should find their place in your bathroom! Now, I know hair type as well as preferences are not something we all have in common which is why I’ll let you find your own favorite brands and focus on sharing a few tips for straight hair as well as groups of products you really need to consider rather than settle for going on and on about this or that particular product. So, in case styling pin straight hair has been a rocky road for you so far, here are a few types of styling aids you’ll really find useful.

1. Shine Boosting Serum

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Super fancy and equally pricy or totally inexpensive and always available – shine boosting serum of your choice is definitely one of a few must-have products for pin straight hair as it will help you tame flyaways and achieve that glamorous, glossy look that never goes out of style! And you know what else is great? You’ll actually manage to get this look in under five minutes and without heat which is something us, curly and wavy haired ladies can only dream about!

2. Root Lifter

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Styling pin straight hair, especially if it’s long, can prove to be a very unrewarding experience in case you forget to start with a root booster, another great product for pin straight hair to consider adding to your shopping list. Apply this baby on your roots to get maximum lift, volume and hold then style as planned and you’ll notice your hairstyle is holding up quite nicely for a change! A bit of extra volume on top will prevent your hairstyle from falling flat as well as create the illusion of thicker, more voluminous, bouncy hair which is something most ladies with super straight hair often complain about not having.

3. Flexible Hold Hairspray

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Persuading hair to hold a style is an ongoing battle for ladies with pin straight hair – one they can’t hope to win without both a regular and a purse-sized can of hairspray. And whether it’s locks, wisps or waves you’re going for, a spritz of this product will definitely help you keep them! Choose a non-sticky, flexible yet strong hold spray in case you’re dealing with some really stubborn tresses or opt for medium to light hold hairspray in order to keep your hairstyle long lasting yet natural-looking!

4. Salt Spray

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Pulling off a perfect beachy wave hairstyle has always been the easiest thing to do on holidays – you just braid your damp, salty hair to keep it off your face and voila – it kind of happens on its own. Next thing you know you’re in your hotel room, undoing that same braid, admiring your perfect waves, second guessing your decision to get it wet again, rinse the salt out and lose your amazing hairstyle. Luckily, there are more great products for pin straight hair you might want to have at hand and a salt spray of choice is definitely one of them. Combining those breathtaking styling properties of sea salt with moisturizing and nurturing elements (and in some cases even SPF) will allow you to rock the same hairstyle both on and off holidays without having to risk hair damage for it.

5. Volumizing Hair Care Products

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From Aveeno to Nivea – every single brand out there has a few volumizing hair care products you can choose to go for in order to lay a foundation for every and any long lasting hairstyle and keep your super straight tresses nourished. I’ve already mentioned this in one of my previous posts on tips for straight hair but I’ll say it again, just in case you’ve missed it – volumizing shampoo and conditioner are an absolute must in case you’re planning to curl your hair and want your style to last, although they’ll work great even without too much styling, helping you enjoy your bouncy, voluminous tresses that, although straight, are not even close to looking flat and lifeless.

6. Mousse

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Now, you might think this isn’t a good product for pin straight hair but guess again! For example – did you know that there are three ways to use a mousse, each one producing a totally different effect? Apply it close to your roots then comb your hair gently to distribute the product before a mini blowout to add natural-looking yet noticeable volume without the significant change of your usual style, go for traditional scrunching in case you’re in the mood for waves or apply onto your tresses before setting them into medium to large rollers to emulate one of J.Lo’s super sexy styles!

7. Clarifying Shampoo

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Clarifying shampoo isn’t only one of the best products for pin straight hair but something every girl should use once in a while regardless of her hair type. So, why am I bringing it up right now? Well, being surrounded by straight-haired women who are constantly complaining about their hair, I could not help but notice the term “weighted down” is being mentioned an awful lot! And although this is a problem all of us women face regardless of how straight or curly, thick or thin our hair is, ladies with super straight hair might find it particularly irritating! Throw in a clarifying treatment here and there and you’ll not only see a huge difference in your hair’s color and shine but get to enjoy a lot more of your natural volume and that TV commercial-like light, bouncy feeling as a bonus!

Not pointing fingers or advising you to get this or that product for pin straight hair – now this sure is a different approach which I really hope you’ll find helpful. As for the actual products for pin straight hair – do suggest your faves! Can we join our efforts and make this post super-useful not only in terms of tips but products that really work? I bet we can and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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