13 Fabulous Natural Oils to Use for Gorgeous Hair ...


13 Fabulous Natural Oils to Use for Gorgeous Hair ...
13 Fabulous Natural Oils to Use for Gorgeous Hair ...

Natural oils for hair we’re going to discuss today are just as great as the ones you’ve gotten to read about in some of my previous posts on oils as a part of natural hair care. And if you’ve experimented with and loved those, you’ll definitely want to keep up with the good work and maybe even give another natural oil for hair a try! Or better yet – make it two or even three! Sounds like fun? Well, take a look at the oils I’d like to suggest today:

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Argan Oil

bottle,lighting,wine bottle,hand,produce, Often referred to as the Miracle Oil or Liquid Gold, Argan oil is a fantastic natural sunscreen, heat protectant and an intensive repair treatment all in one! In fact, if you’re looking for a multi-purpose natural hair product, this is something you should definitely try. It will improve the elasticity of your dry, brittle hair, help reduce the frizziness of your locks making them softer and more manageable, repair damaged tresses and reduce further breakage as well as aid hair growth! Sounds unbelievable? No wonder Argan oil is one of the most popular natural oils for hair!


Coconut Oil

Inecto,skin,product,hand,lotion, A well known secret of hair growth, beautiful healthy hair and healthy scalp - this natural oil for hair is a product ladies swear by! Give it a go in case you’re into organic hair care and love to experiment with natural hair products or in case you wish to try something new. Coconut oil works wonders for both dry and oily scalp, promoting that healthy balance, helping your damaged hair regain its natural shine and vitality, protecting it from both inside and outside!


Grapeseed Oil

hair,clothing,hairstyle,outerwear,fashion, Next on my list of fantastic natural hair care products to take into your consideration is, of course, the super-popular Grapeseed oil! This odorless, non greasy oil is widely-known as a natural sunscreen for hair but can be used as a carrier oil (in case you’re into making your own concoctions) or applied as a hair/scalp treatment. It helps restore scalp’s natural balance and is an ideal anti-dandruff treatment for all of those who, for some reason, can’t tolerate coconut oil, plus a fantastic hair repair and strengthening treatment, thanks to vitamin E and linoleic acid.


Pomegranate Seed Oil

hair,blond,hairstyle,hair coloring,long hair, Rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acid named Punicic Acid, Pomegranate seed oil should be on your list of natural oils for hair to try out in case you’re in the market for a natural hair product that could help you repair and protect your dry and damaged tresses. Use it alone or mix your very own DIY infusion to help your hair regain its silky smooth texture and shine and fear not – pomegranate seed oil is actually a very popular ingredient of many rejuvenating skin and hair care products and is proven to work wonders for both skin and hair in need of some serious repair.


Tea Tree Oil

hair,human hair color,face,blond,nose, Looking for a natural hair product to soothe your itchy scalp and help you have the hair of your dreams? Why not give Tea Tree oil a shot, then? Its anti bacterial and anti fungal properties are well known within the cosmetic industry plus there’s also that fantastic cleansing effect you’ll love. Simply add it to your homemade shampoo or conditioner to crank up their cleansing ability without the harsh drying effects of commercial products.


Tea Tree oil isn't just your ally against scalp issues; it could potentially promote hair growth by unclogging hair follicles and nourishing the roots. To harness its powers, mix a few drops with coconut oil for a scalp massage or drip some into your bath for a luxurious hair soak. And for those with oily hair, rejoice! Tea Tree oil can balance scalp oil production, ensuring your locks stay neither too greasy nor too dry. Just remember, a little goes a long way—use sparingly to avoid irritation.


Shea Butter

hair,hairstyle,fashion,spring,facial hair, Not sure if this one falls under the category of natural oils for hair but, hey, coconut oil happens to be of thick consistency too and it’s still technically an oil so I’m just going to go with the good ol’ “don’t fix it if it ain’t broken” and list it anyways! Why? Because it’s fantastic! Simply warm it up to use as a hot oil treatment and you’ll be hooked!


Amla Oil

hair,human hair color,face,black hair,hairstyle, Last but not the least, this fab natural oil for hair definitely deserves to be a part of your natural hair care! Also known as Indian Gooseberry oil, this fantastic ingredient is well-loved by ladies all over the globe. The “why’s” of it are actually quite fantastic too and I bet you’ll surprised to know this oil isn’t only a great conditioner, traditional hair growth treatment and dandruff remedy but also a well kept beauty secret you’re going to want to make your own in case you’re stressing about your grays! Yes, ladies, it’s true – when applied regularly, Amla oil can restore pigmentation and help you bid your premature graying problem goodbye!


Avocado Oil

plant,produce,product,liqueur,land plant, You know that avocado is good for your health because of all the wonderful nutrients it contains. It turns out that those nutrients can also do wonders for your hair. Packed with vitamins A, D and E, as well as B vitamins and protein, avocado oil can help combat dry, brittle strands by moisturizing each and every one. In addition, avocado oil also provides nutrients for your scalp so your hair can grow in healthy and strong. Use it alone or look for hair care products that contain it.


Avocado oil doesn't just deeply hydrate; it's also a champion in fighting frizz and promoting shine. Rich in oleic acid and monounsaturated fats, it penetrates the hair shaft with ease, offering a smoothing effect that can aid in detangling and gloss. Those same fats can help replenish damaged or stressed hair, giving it back its natural elasticity and strength. As a multipurpose gem, it's an ideal addition to your hair care routine, whether you're looking to enhance luster or provide a nutrient boost to your tresses.


Olive Oil

hair,clothing,lady,beauty,girl, You might not think to use olive oil for anything besides cooking a fabulous meal, but you should. Olive oil is an easy to find and affordable option for conditioning your hair. It works to moisturize your locks as well and is more lightweight than many of the other oils on this list. The fatty acids and vitamin E that olive oil contains infuses your hair and hydrates each strand for shinier, healthier looking locks any day of the week. So use a little to cook and a little in your hair and you're all set.


Jojoba Oil

hair,clothing,hairstyle,long hair,fashion accessory, Jojoba comes from a plant and can do wonders for anyone's hair. Experts say that it's very close to the natural oils that your hair produces, making it a wonderful choice for bringing the life back to your strands. Not only does it contain a wealth of nutrients that condition and hydrate your hair, but it can also be used to combat conditions like dandruff. Jojoba oil is available in specialized hair products that can be found at some health stores or can be ordered online. You will absolutely love what it can do for your hair.


Jojoba oil mirrors the sebum naturally produced by your scalp, providing a harmonious balance for healthy hair. Infused with vitamins E and B, as well as minerals like copper and zinc, this golden elixir helps strengthen your locks. It's particularly effective for those with frizzy or tangled hair, offering a smoothing effect that rivals even the best salon treatments. Regular use can lead to a noticeable improvement in hair's shine and elasticity, so consider incorporating jojoba oil into your routine for an easy path to beautiful, radiant tresses.


Almond Oil

hair,hairstyle,long hair,brown hair,braid, If you want something that is going to make your hair smell good in addition to keeping it looking lustrous and healthy, almond oil is the choice for you. In addition to its yummy scent, almond oil is packed with fats, which makes it a great choice for getting rid of dry hair and fighting off the brittleness that comes with it.


Castor Oil

product,lotion,flavor,NATURALS,Pure, You've probably never heard of this for you hair, though it's used for a variety of other health issues. This oil has several hair benefits that make it a worthwhile addition to your medicine cabinet. It stimulates your scalp, which encourages new and healthy hair growth while

also sealing the ends of your hair to protect against damage and split ends. Castor oil is easy to find and won't break the bank.


Canola Oil

hair,hairstyle,long hair,brown hair,braid, Yep, you read that right! It's not just for cooking anymore. Because of the high concentration of unsaturated fats in canola oil, it has powers that can fight frizz and make your hair strands super strong so they don't break and split. You aren't going to find an oil that costs much less than this one, so adding it to your hair care routine is easy.

Have you tried these natural oils for hair and what’s your opinion about them? Is there a particular, super-special natural hair care product you’d love to suggest? Do share!

This article written in collaboration with editor, Eliza Martinez

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Where would you get shea butter from ? after warming it up do you use it on hair or scalp ? what are its propeties ? Please

my daughters hair is breaking badly what can I use to stop the breakage and help it to grow healthy

I love love love to style my hair i get bored so easily! That being said i need a good quality not so pricey heat protectant, this argan oil sounds awesome i'd love to try it but is it safe as a protectant? Do you have a brand you recommend that i can buy at any local drug store?

i know castor oil will help hair growth but will it help with damaged hair too?

Hmm gonna have to try the amla oil. Where can I get that?

Do you have any suggestions on what to use for hair loss?? I am losing what I feel is quite a bit more strands than I feel is normal.

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