7 Signs It's Time to Change Your Hair Stylist ...

By Alicia

7 Signs It's Time to Change Your Hair Stylist ...

There are some very certain signs it’s time to change your hair stylist. You know, a hair stylist is meant to be important in your life. After all, you are trusting them with your hair. Most of us really like our hairstylists but sometimes there are signs it’s time to change your hair stylist that cannot be ignored.

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They Don’t Listen to You

If your hair stylist does not listen to you, it can be really frustrating. You are paying them for the service of giving you the hairstyle you tell them you want. When they don’t, you end up very aggravated. It is wonderful to ask for your hair stylist’s opinion of the hair style you are thinking of, but regardless, they should honor what you tell them you want. If they don’t, consider this one of the signs it’s time to change your hair stylist.


They Are Scissor Happy

One of my personal pet peeves is when a hair stylist is scissor happy. There is nothing worse than saying you would like just a trim and looking in the mirror afterward to see two inches missing. I have had this happen to me and personally find it heartbreaking, especially when I am trying to grow my hair out. One of the worst things about this is that it cannot be fixed; hair cannot be put back on. When this happens, the best thing to do is state that much more was cut off than you wanted so that your hair stylist is aware of your displeasure. If it happens more than once, you have a clear sign it is time to change your hair stylist.


They Are Not Willing to Fix a Mistake

Hair stylists are human. They cannot be perfect. However, when the reality of your hairstyle does not match up with the expectation that you have of it, it is time to communicate with your hair stylist. If the color is not what you asked for or it needs to be shorter or things of that nature are the issue, your hair stylist should be willing to work with you to fix it. On the flip side, we also need to realize that our hair stylist cannot do the impossible such as making us look like a person we are not.


Their Availability Doesn’t Match Yours

I realize that a hair stylist has to have a personal life and that they can quickly book up with clients. But I find it very frustrating when I call for an appointment and am told it will be two weeks until I can get in. I feel this even more so if it is something that happens on a frequent basis. I also get frustrated if the stylist is only in a couple days a week or if they change their hours often. This may not be the breaking point for all women but it is enough to drive me to look for a different hair stylist.


Their Behavior is Offensive

A hair stylist should be professional with her clients. It is absolutely acceptable if you can chat and have a conversation about the latest movies or talk about basic things that women have in common. But if your hair stylist has a habit of swearing in front of you or says offensive things, then that is very unprofessional. It is best for both parties to stay away from controversial topics such as politics or religion. However, if you are doing your part and they are not, you may need to move on.

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They Are Slow

I understand that it takes time for a hair stylist to work their magic and I am willing to wait, to a point. But it should not take an hour for a haircut or four hours for a color. There is a limit to my patience. I do not wish to spend the greater part of my day at the salon. If this becomes a reoccurring event, I am usually looking for a different hair stylist.


Their Prices Are Ridiculous

I will not stay with a hair stylist very long if their prices are ridiculously high. What I mean is that if they have prices that are double what other stylists in the area are charging, I am more than likely going to be moving on no matter how much I love the hair stylist. I am willing to pay a little bit more than the going rate if I am pleased with the hair stylist’s work but that is it. I am always happy to pay for good service but I don’t want to walk away feeling like I am being ripped off. That is not a feeling anyone enjoys.

Everyone has their limits on what they will tolerate and different things that make them feel it is time to change their hair stylist. What are the things that drive you to change yours? I am curious to hear your answers.

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I, as a stylist myself, it all depends on what the client is asking for. If you're going in for a quick trim with no shampoo or style than yeah it'll be under an hour. If you want a wash, major cut and style it can take an hour. With color, again depending on the clients wants, it can take some time. A good stylist won't let you leave their chair if you aren't satisfied and them not doing there best work. And with pricing, it's like anything else, the better the quality the more you'll pay. Being a stylist isn't easy work.

Great style

I'm perfectly happy with my stylist! She always does a fabulous job! :)

As a stylist, I always clarify what my client wants and show them exactly what they're asking. People also don't understand that if you don't cut all those split ends off, they continue to split all the way up your hair. I'm always completely honest with my clients, if I don't think what they're asking for will look good on them, I suggest otherwise, but will always honor their wishes if they don't like my recommendations. Beauty takes time, and I'm good at my job. Depending on my schedule for the day, your visit could take time, but I guarantee you will leave happy. If you call me the day before or day of asking for an appointment, it's irritating. I am appointment only, rarely take walk-ins. If you want to complain about my prices, go to walmart, where they specialize in quantity, not quality....but don't call me right after for me to fix what they f*cked up. ;)

I have a lot of hair (thickness rather than length) and it's quite fine, so I've always had to have a longer haircut especially since I'm picky! But it's never taken more than an hour for a major haircut, that'd be ridiculous'

She always chops off my hair waaaay to much. I say I want half an inch cut off, I don't care if I have split ends she cuts off 3 inches and says it'll grow back.

To comment number 6 depending on your blowout and style it may take an hour for your haircut and it can take 4 hours for your hair color it depends entirely on what you wish to do to your hair. As for comment number 7 if a stylist has been doing hair for 20-30 years they are going to charge for than the stylist that is straight out of school. You are paying more because of the classes that they have chosen to take and the money they have chosen to come from their pocket to keep themselves abreast of the latest trends and the newest techniques, you are reimbursing them for their education just as you would receive a raise with any other job. If you find a stylist that meets your needs and you love the final product then how much they charge and how long they take won't matter because your hair is in great hands!

They are too busy talking on their cell phones and don't pay attention or remember how you said you want your hair cut! My biggest pet peeves and reason I left my hairdresser of 15 years...her loss?

Always tell or show your stylist the length you want off. Just a trim to her could be your dead ends and if two inches of your hair is dead, it's coming off. Especially if you don't specify the amount you want off and if you're growing it out because getting the dead ends off will help it grow.