7 Ways to Rock a Pixie Cut ...


7 Ways to Rock a Pixie Cut ...
7 Ways to Rock a Pixie Cut ...

The pixie is another one of my favorite haircuts, although I could never pull it off myself. My cheeks are a little too round for that. Still, I admire it on other women. In fact, most of my girl-crushes have pixies, and on ANTM, I always find myself rooting for the girl with the androgynous pixie. It takes a lot of figurative cajones to get this cut, and one of the reasons some women restrain themselves is because they believe they won't be able to do anything with their new short 'do. That's not the case at all, as you can see by reading about all the ways to rock a pixie cut!

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Totally Tousled

One way to rock a pixie cut is to simply leave it tousled. You can just run your fingers through it, spray it with a little product or use a little gel or mousse, and you're good to go. A totally tousled look will look cute with a pair of jeans, and give an edge to your LBD look.


Smooth and Chic

The smooth pixie cut is chic as a matter of course. This look will easily bring out your eyes, highlight your cheekbones, accent your jaw, and make all your best features look more pronounced and extremely dazzling. When the cut comes with fringe bangs, you can smooth them down for a really chic, sleek look.


The pixie cut is a timeless classic that never goes out of style. It's a great way to show off your facial features and can be styled in a variety of ways. The smooth and chic pixie cut is a popular choice that is sure to turn heads. It has short, tapered layers that can be styled to frame your face and emphasize your best features. The fringe bangs can be left long or trimmed to create a sleek look.

This look is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance style that still looks polished. It can be easily styled with a blow dryer and a round brush for a smooth, sleek finish. A little pomade or wax can be used to add definition and texture. For a more natural look, you can use a light hairspray to hold the style in place.

The smooth and chic pixie cut is a great option for those with fine or thin hair. It's an easy way to create volume and texture without the need for extra products or styling tools. The short layers will also help to keep your hair from appearing flat and lifeless.


Bedheaded and Beautiful

One of the great things about a pixie cut is that you can easily roll right out of bed and just go – your hair will still look fantastic! If you ask the stylist to make sure your pixie cut has long layers on the crown of your head, you can go one step further than tousling it. Give your hair a flick to the side or even tousle it forward, and you'll have a gorgeous bedhead all day!


Spiked and Sassy

There's nothing I love better than a girl with spiked hair. This is a great way to rock a pixie cut, and one of my top favorites. It takes a bit of product but not as much as you might think. You can spike and cowlick your hair any which way you please, and know that you'll look like a total knockout.


To achieve the spiked and sassy look, start with damp hair and apply a lightweight, strong-hold gel or wax. Work it through your hair from roots to tips for an even distribution. Then, using your fingers or a fine-toothed comb, pull sections upward and twist slightly to create distinct spikes. The beauty of this style is its versatility – from subtle, textured spikes to a bold, punk-inspired mohawk, the intensity is entirely up to you. The key is to have fun with it and embrace the edgy vibe it brings to your overall appearance. Remember, confidence is the best accessory for any haircut.


Versatility Pixie

This particular style is great for girls whose faces are oval shaped or heart shaped, and it is absolutely gorgeous. The versatile pixie cut will also emphasize your neck and your collarbones. It's especially good if you have very fine hair, because the cut can make it look much thicker.


Furthermore, this dynamic hairstyle affords a range of styling options, from sleek and sophisticated to tousled and playful. You can experiment with asymmetrical fringes or longer bangs to add a personal touch to your pixie cut. For those who love to change their look frequently, the versatility pixie invites creativity with colors and textures. And maintenance is minimal – a quick tousle, a dab of product, and you're ready to showcase your chic style. This cut doesn't just adapt to your look; it evolves with it. Whether you dress it up or dress it down, the pixie is your ultimate accessory.


A Little Asymmetry

Asymmetry is another fantastic way to rock a pixie cut. Typically, with this version of the style, you get a fringe of bangs, and they're angled rather sharply. It can also have long layers along the sides and back of your hair. You have to really trust your stylist, though – otherwise it can end up looking a little bit like a mullet.


Hepburn's Pixie

Now, I have to go on the assumption that y'all have seen the original version of Sabrina. If you haven't, go to it, right now! The way Audrey/Sabrina gets her hair cut while in Paris is exactly what I'm talking about here. The bangs are short across the forehead, the hair in back will just brush the nape of your neck, there are longer strands over your ears, and the whole look comes together to emphasize your eyes, your neck, and your cheekbones. Absolutely gorgeous!

There are dozens more ways to rock a pixie. It really all depends on your preferences, your facial shape, and the texture of your hair. You can always start long and go a little shorter to find out what you like. What's the shortest hairstyle you've ever had?

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I got my hair cut into a pixie cut two and a half years ago. I did start to grow it out a couple of months ago, but I've decided to cut it into a pixie cut again. I actually got way more compliments from men when I had my hair in a pixie cut than when it was really long. So, if you're afraid of cutting your hair into a pixie because you think that all men prefer women with longer hair, don't be. That's a lie. It's true that some women can't pull off a pixie because they don't have the right face shape, but most can. And if you can pull it off, you won't regret cutting it. Seriously.

I made an appointment for next Friday to get a pixie cut that's sort of a mix between the asymmetrical one and Ginnifer Goodwin's. I'm honestly terrified.

I love the pixie cut, but you have to have the right bone structure to have it.

I feel like this would be more helpful if each photo had the same person with one cut styled differently in each photo. Everyone woman in this gallery has a different cut - A girl with an Emma Watson pixie couldn't do the a-symmetrical look. I still think there are numerous things you can do - I myself have a pixie and love to experiment.

This has given me some ideas of what to do with my hair as it is growing back in. (Had my head shaved 2 months ago for brain surgery) Keep the ideas coming!

I'd like a video to show my stylist. Since I moved away from my long time hair guru I've had terrible cuts and can't find that special someone who knows how to cut short hair.

Great article! Would be better with pics, though. I cut my hair yesterday and want to know more tips! :)

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