7 Enchantingly Creative Ponytail Hair Styles ...


7 Enchantingly Creative Ponytail Hair Styles ...
7 Enchantingly Creative Ponytail Hair Styles ...

Ponytail Hair Styles are really big this season, and can you find any fault with that? Of course not! Ponytail hair styles are simple, easy and comfortable. But what most people don't realize is that ponytail hair styles can be elegant, pretty, and even formal! In this article, I'm going to show you how to turn regular ponytail hair styles into fashionable and gorgeous arrangements suitable for all those holiday parties coming up. Keep on reading if you want to get the scoop on the hottest hair for the season!

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High and Tight

Not your average run-of-the-mill gym ponytail, this is one of the ponytail hairstyles that is more suitable to high fashion than hard workouts. You'll see this one on the runways more than the street, which is why its perfect for you! Pull your hair up into a very high and tight ponytail. Use pomade or gel for a sleek look. Finish off by wrapping a piece of hair around the pony and pinning it underneath. Lovely!


The high and tight ponytail is a popular hairstyle seen on fashion runways and red carpets. It involves pulling the hair up into a very high ponytail and using pomade or gel to create a sleek and polished look. This style is perfect for those looking for a more high fashion and sophisticated ponytail, rather than a casual gym look. To add a touch of elegance, a piece of hair can be wrapped around the ponytail and pinned underneath. This style is versatile and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.


The Bump

One of the most beloved ponytail hair styles of all time, The Bump is known for its name! Creating a bump and pinning it into place before making a ponytail will give your look some edge and vamp up the sexy factor. Use some dry shampoo to tease your hair into a big bump and secure with hairspray for added shine. Adding some chandelier earring will really draw attention to your face for this look!


The Bump ponytail hairstyle has been popularized by its name and is a beloved style among women. It involves creating a bump at the crown of the head and securing it with pins before making a ponytail. This adds a touch of edginess and sexiness to the overall look. To achieve this style, dry shampoo can be used to tease the hair and create a big bump, which is then set in place with hairspray for added shine. Accessorizing with chandelier earrings can further enhance the look by drawing attention to the face. This hairstyle is perfect for a night out or any special occasion.


Curls Galore

Nothing says party ready like a curls and this is one of the ponytail hair styles that practically screams it! Curl your hair using your desired method, then bring all your hair around to one shoulder. Pin into place very low and add a sparkly barrette. Curl a few tendrils around your face and finish with lasting hold hairspray. You're ready to party the night away!


Dress It up

Don't be afraid to be a little experimental with your ponytail hair styles. Try using a different type of barrette other than a ponytail to hold your 'do in place. A clip or a large barrette works well. In fact, use two barrettes! Pull half of your hair into the first one, then secure all of your hair with the second! This will really dress up your look, especially if you use sparkly or shiny barrettes and bobby pins.


Piecey Pony

Looking for more of a smoldering/rocker chic effect? This is one of the most perfect ponytail hair styles to achieve just that combo! Use some waxy pomade and run it through your bangs to the ends of your hair. Tease up your roots a bit, then secure your ponytail at the crown of your head. The pomade creates that "bed-head" effect. Add some smoky eyes and you're good to go!


Work the Pony-bun

The pony-bun, as we've come to call it, is very big for this season. It's very simple to create. Curl your hair, then pull it very low to the nape of your neck. Take one side of your hair and wrap it around the other side a few times, securing with bobby pins. Pull a few pieces out around your face. The effect you've created is the "Pony-bun"!


Go Simple

Sometimes, a simple ponytail with the ends curled under is all you need for a grand entrance. When you're rocking an amazing dress and killer hills, don't let your hair compete with everything else. Go simple and let your makeup/accessories/YOU stand out for once. You'll be surprised at how much fun it is!

As you can see, Ponytail Hair Styles can be worked from every angle! Go ahead and try it, you will love the compliments you get! And the great thing about these ponytail hair styles is that they go from night to day or work to play very easily. Which of these ponytail hairstyles do you like the best?

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Ever show the hair styles using 2 or 3 ponytails? With 2 have top one in curls or twist several strangs until each one twist back on itself. take you curls arrange in classic cluster or pin where you want them high above the lower one lower one I usually wore all ends pinned up and had a smooth oval with few curles or twist over is. I love the long hair styles in 1940 movies.Styles no one wears now only because they haven't seen them.

While I appreciate these and can wear them on the rare occasion that I straighten my hair, I would love to have seen some natural hair styles that acknowledge black women. Even just one. I love the site but it's hard not to notice the lack of diversity in the majority of social media out there. Thanks!


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