9 Types of Hair Brushes and Their Purpose FINALLY Explained ...


9 Types of Hair Brushes and Their Purpose FINALLY Explained ...
9 Types of Hair Brushes and Their Purpose FINALLY Explained ...

Styling your hair is as much about the types of hairbrushes you use as your cut and the products you choose. Like anything else, the tools you pick should be the right ones for the job. There are different types of hairbrushes for good reason. Here are the basics…

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Vented Brush

Vented Brush Do you struggle with static hair? You should look for the vented brush among the various the types of hairbrushes to solve your problem. The air blows between the bristles to make your hair less static, and it helps your hair dry more quickly too. If you’ve got a bit of frizz up top then start with a vented brush and finish up with a round one to style it.


Round Brush

Round Brush The round brush is perfect for creating soft shape, body and movement in your hair. If you are looking for some serious volume and style then you will need a good round brush. Be careful when using one of these and don’t wrap your hair around it too tightly.


Ceramic Brush

Ceramic Brush These types of hairbrushes have ceramic-coated barrels, which retain heat and temperature when used with a blow dryer. This makes it ideal if you want to give your hair soft waves/loose curls, or if you just want to dry it quickly and evenly.


Paddle Brush

Paddle Brush If you are after super sleek, smooth hair then the paddle brush is the one to go for. Use it before you straighten your hair for best results. It is also ideal if you have a lot of hair, as the bush has a large surface area.


Synthetic Bristle Brush

Synthetic Bristle Brush No matter how tangled your hair may be, there is still a brush out there that's perfect for you! Try a synthetic bristle brush. The synthetic bristles easily go through your hair and leave it looking shiny, soft and tangle free.


Barrel Brush

Barrel Brush These come in various widths, from very narrow to wide. The one you use depends on how loose or tight you want your waves/curls to form. They are perfect for turning the ends of bobs under rather than having them fall straight, and for styling your bangs.


Boar Bristle Brush

Boar Bristle Brush If you are seeking smooth and shiny hair then you’ll like this one. Unlike with other types of hairbrushes, the boar bristles drive natural oils through the hair and stimulate the scalp, helping the hair to grow and remain in good health. The natural oils will save you from spending your money on hair oil.


Mixed Bristle Brush

Mixed Bristle Brush Not sure which brush is best for you? The great thing about the mixed bristle hairbrush is that you get all the benefits of the natural oils from the boar brush along with the detangling effort of the synthetic bristles. If you can’t choose whether detangled or sleek hair is more important to you then chose mixed bristle.


Hot Air Brush

Hot Air Brush If you like to change your hairstyle quite often and have options then you’ll like the hot air brush. It is basically a hair brush and dryer in one. Usually you can select hot or cold settings and they come with a couple of different attachments for you to use, depending on what hair style you are trying to achieve. For best results use the hot air brush on damp hair.

Unless you wear your hair the same every day, you probably need to have a few types of hairbrushes in your styling kit. How many types do you use?

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