15 Great Products for Tightly Curled Hair ...

Ok, ladies, if you think you need special products for tightly curled hair you are right. Very tightly curled/kinky/coily hair is often fragile, dry and sometimes product resistant. Because of this, it requires a little extra attention to ingredients and application. There are many products out there for natural hair but not all work well together for tightly curled hair. And as we know, products that play well together stay together for lasting hold and beautiful style. Check out this list of fifteen great products for tightly curled hair.

1. As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner

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The As I Am has fantastic products for tightly curled hair. Heck, all manner of curly hair textures can benefit from the all-natural ingredients, especially the coconut and castor oil. Can you say shine and growth? This co-wash cleanser is gentle on your fragile strands. The scent is heavenly and the slip is out of this world.

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