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I know how much you all love homemade beauty aids so today I bring you ... ta dah ... drum roll please ... DIY hair masks. With ingredients from your kitchen, you can whip up some great treatments that will transform your dull locks onto gorgeous, glamorous tresses. Ready to raid your fridge/pantry?

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Restorative Egg Mask for Dry Dull Hair

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Coconut Milk & Honey Hair Mask for Hair Growth & Loss Prevention

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DIY Homemade Hair Reconstructor

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Hot Oil for Deep Conditioning

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Using hot oil as a deep conditioner can truly transform your hair from lifeless to lustrous. Simply heat a blend of natural oils like coconut, olive, or almond, ensuring it's warm but not too hot to the touch, to avoid scalp burns. Carefully massage it into your scalp and through your strands. Wrap your hair in a towel or shower cap and let the oil work its magic for at least 30 minutes before washing out. This treatment can nourish your follicles and leave your hair feeling silky and revitalized.


Fenugreek and YOGURT Hair Pack for Split Ends

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DIY Cinnamon Hair Growth Mask

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Mask for Beautiful and Shiny Hair

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DIY Coconut Hot Oil Treatment

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To craft your own luscious conditioning treatment, all you'll need is pure, unrefined coconut oil. Warm the oil gently until it's liquified, but ensure it's not too hot to the touch. Massage it thoroughly into your hair and scalp, covering each strand from roots to tips—the natural fatty acids present will deeply penetrate, offering intense hydration. Wrap your hair in a warm towel or shower cap for about 30 minutes to allow the oil to work its magic. Rinse out and follow with your regular shampoo routine. This simple secret can transform your hair into a shiny, smooth mane worthy of a hair commercial!


DIY Coconut Milk Protein Hair Mask

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Coconuts truly are a treasure trove of hair benefits! Rich in protein and essential fats, coconut milk can deeply nourish your roots and repair damaged hair. The mask combines the natural goodness of coconut milk with the strength of protein, which helps reduce breakage and promotes hair growth. For an even more powerful concoction, consider adding a dollop of honey for its antibacterial properties or a teaspoon of olive oil for that extra dose of hydration. Whisk it into a creamy blend, apply it from roots to tips and let your hair soak in this tropical elixir for a transformative spa-like experience at home.


Scalp Mask Treatment

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Mask for Fuller, Softer, Silky Hair

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Natural Homemade Hair Mask for Frizzy Hair

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Strawberry Protein Mask for Deep Conditioning

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The Perfect Protein Treatment for All Hair Types

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Egg Yolk Hair Mask for Healthier, Softer and Shinier Hair

egg,food,egg yolk,egg,animal source foods, Source: Fall Must-Have: Yara’s Easy Egg


Mayonnaise Hair Mask for Moisture, Shine and Growth

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Aloe and Coconut Mask to Reduce Split Ends

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Overnight Mask for Split Ends

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Avocado and Banana Hair Mask

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DIY Deep Conditioning Mask

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Mask to Remove Product Build up

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Gelatin Mask for Healthy, Luscious Locks

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DIY Avocado Hair Mask to Stop Hair Breakage

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Avocado and Egg Yolk Hair Mask for Volume, Growth and Conditioning

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Coffee Mask Softens and Adds Shine to Hair

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Mask for Dandruff

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CLAY MASK to Give Your Hair Life

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Yogurt and Honey Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

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Cocoa Hair Mask for Damaged Hair

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Beer Mask for Normal Hair

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Banana and Almond Mask for Chemically Damaged or Extremely Dry Hair

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Going out and trying that coconut milk and honey hair mask today!


i love theses and need hair like that

I tried the hair salad today and the results are great! My hair is less frizzy, it's shinier and smoother

I tried the cinnamon mask and cinnamon was left over in my hair

Has anyone tried "Lush" hair products? They have a lot of hair masks w the same ingredients in this FABULOUS article but I found the Lush not very effective...anyone, anyone? Also, has anyone tried cinnamon for hair growth, a mask and did it help? Just wondering, thanks in advance! (Neecey, I love your articles, sooo relatable...tyou xo)

That Models hair is indescribably gorgeous, anyone knows her name?

Will be trying two a month

I will "check back in" after with the results. 😊

Hi everyone! So I felt a big urge to try these tips out so I used 1 egg yolk, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbps coconut oil, 1/2 cup milk, and 1 tbps honey...applied it to my dry hair, combed through the to spread evenly and left it for 1 hour. I must say my hair felt 100% softer and frizz free and does not smell like raw egg. Wonderful! Definitely going to do this 1 a week. Now remember, everyone have different results. Hopefully you will have to same results as I did. Have a great afternoon!

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