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Shampoos and conditioners are often the worst culprits when it comes to nasty chemicals and you can avoid them if you switch to homemade hair products. When you use homemade hair products you are in complete control of what you put on your lovely locks.

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DIY Honey Shampoo

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The best homemade hair products are those that have few ingredients and are easy to make.


Hair Mask for Dry, Damaged Hair

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Homemade hair products use ingredients straight out of the pantry.


DIY Coconut Milk Shampoo

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This is great for all hair types and especially if you have a sensitive scalp.


DIY Organic Lemon Coconut Shampoo

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This uses an organic shampoo base that you can find in stores or online.


Homemade Rosemary Peppermint Shampoo

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Essential oils are excellent for cleansing, nourishing and strengthening the hair follicle and scalp. Rosemary and peppermint help with an oily scalp. This shampoo smells great too and is an invigorating pick me up in the morning.


DIY Nourishing Avocado Hair Mask

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This will smooth down those pesky split ends.


Homemade Hair Detangler

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Before you start tugging at your knots and tangles, use this!


Coffee Hair Spray

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Coffee can do wonders for your hair. The caffeine helps to increase circulation, thus stimulating the hair for faster growth. The rich antioxidants help to repair damage and prevent breakage. Coffee hair rinse helps to clarify your hair naturally, creating shine and softness.


Herbal Hair Tonic

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Herbs do wonders for your cooking and they can do wonders for your hair too.


DIY Hair Growth Serum Recipe

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Try this if your hair needs a little stimulation to grow.


Dry Hair Repair DIY for anti-Frizz Spray

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When frizz gets you down, natural products are worth a try.


Homemade Shampoo and Rinse

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The shampoo is made from baking soda (great for clearing product buildup) and the rinse is made from apple cider vinegar for extra shine.


Homemade Shampoo

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You'll find homemade hair products made in all sorts of ways. This shampoo is based on Castile soap.


Homemade Coconut Oil Honey Hair Mask

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This mask contains coconut oil to seal in moisture and control dandruff, honey to add moisture (and its antibacterial properties will help with a healthy scalp) and apple cider vinegar to balance your hair's pH, remove buildup and smooth down the cuticles.


DIY Dry Shampoo Spray

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Do you drink your vodka or use it on your hair?


PH Balanced Shampoo

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Your hair and scalp are all-round healthier if they are pH balanced.


Homemade Vitamin Shampoo

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There are all sorts of ways to create homemade hair products. This is based on Castile soap.


Baby Shampoo and Wash

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Kids can have the benefits of natural products too.


Coconut Growth Treatment

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This will deeply moisturize and stimulate growth.


Exfoliating Scalp Treatment

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Healthy hair needs a healthy scalp.


Nutrifying Hair Mask

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This will give you an amazing boost of calcium plus protein, giving your hair a soft feel as well as a lustrous shine.


Dandruff Mask

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Yogurt works wonders in treating dandruff.


Mask for Dry and Damaged Hair

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If you mistreat your hair with heat and product, give it some TLC.


Mask for Natural Hair

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And here's a TLC mask for dry, natural hair.


Homemade Hair Volumizer

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Not entirely natural because it uses store bought conditioner.


All Natural Homemade Pomade

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Better than all those sticky waxes and stylers.


Homemade Hair Conditioner

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Store bought products dry out and damage your hair. This homemade conditioner moisturizes your scalp, removes product buildup and leaves your hair soft and shiny.


Homemade Hair Gel

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Another great styling product you can make for yourself at home.


All Natural Deep Hair Conditioner

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Grab your favorite book or watch the latest episode of your favorite show while this gets to work.


Curly Hair Treatment

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Banish the frizz and make your curls luscious and smooth.


DIY Leave in Conditioner

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Ideal for the summertime.


DIY Hair Wax

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If wax is your go-to sculpting/finishing product, try this.

If this list for homemade hair products doesn’t address your particular need, go search Pinterest or Google, because there's bound to be a solution. Do you already use the "no poo" method or are you ready to give it a go?

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