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7 Tutorials on Homemade Hair Products ...

By Jelena

Homemade hair products I’m going to list here and fun & easy to make, completely natural and will help you turn your damaged or dull locks into pure gorgeousness! Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever attempted a homemade hair product before so I’ve decided to post videos instead of just recipes in hopes that may clear things up a bit. And here are some fantastic DIY hair products you really ought to try:

1 DIY Sea Salt Spray

Adding salt spray to your list of homemade hair products you’re proud of might not be such a bad idea this summer, especially if you’re into the beachy, surfer –girl look! Oh, and here’s the good part- it doesn’t have to have that sickening coconuty, tropical smell most of the store bought products have! It doesn’t have to smell like lavender either, just add your favorite essential oil and you can even squirt in just a bit of your favorite conditioner to make this product even better.

2 Piece of Cake DIY Hot Oil Treatment

Give your damaged, over-processed or simply dry tresses a makeover by mixing up this simple yet extremely nurturing hot oil treatment! These three oils are pretty much everything you’re going to need but creative ones might even choose to add a few drops of their favorite essential oils as well. Heat it up, apply as explained and enjoy shiny, soft hair for only a fraction of the price you’d pay in a salon! Yaaay! You see, natural hair care is fun.


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3 Color Perk up for Red Hair

Some homemade hair product could help you sort of kill two birds with one stone and this one right here is something every DIY savvy redhead will appreciate! Full of antioxidants and vitamins, cranberries and carrots won’t only bring out those gorgeous red hues but do your hair good and the same can be said for yoghurt and honey whose nurturing properties and hair benefits are already very well known.

4 Color Perk up for Blonde Hair

Speaking about DIY color perk-ups, here’s a wonderful homemade hair product blondes would want to try. And whether your hair is bleached or naturally blonde, you can definitely count on this one reviving your color, making it shiny and fresh without any hair damage! I would, however, advise you to blend the potato instead of grating it as that will help you get a paste that’s not only more compact and easier to apply but easier to rinse out as well.

5 Nurturing Hair Mask for Frizzy Hair

Okaaaay, now here’s one interesting version of that famous banana mask some of you have tried and found incredibly hard to rinse out thoroughly. This recipe, in the other hand, has cantaloupe instead of avocado so, I don’t know, maybe that’s what helps it turn so creamy and easy to apply. Definitely give it a shot because this is one of the best DIY hair products for frizzy hair and will turn your unruly tresses into a silky mane to die for!

6 Flaxseed Hair Gel

Now, if you though hair masks and deep conditioning treatments are the only homemade hair products you can even hope to enjoy, you’re in for a big surprise! And I really mean a big surprise! I never even though about making my own hair gel and I certainly had no idea flaxseeds are this cool but I’m definitely going to give it a shot now. But this video doesn’t only explain exactly how to boil and strain these babies to get your own 100% natural, homemade styling product but teaches you a thing or two about essential oils, explaining which ones to add and why.

7 Natural Heat Protectant and Shine Serum

You can say yes to natural hair care even if you’re not too into mixing stuff and concocting your own hair masks, conditioners or styling products! Just hop over to your supermarket, get yourself a bottle of grapeseed oil pour it into an empty spray bottle and use as a shine serum and heat protectant whenever you wish to turn your frizzy hair into a gorgeous, sleek mane! Absolutely no mixing involved, no risk of getting the recipe wrong and you’re still using natural, 100% chemical free stuff! Hurray!

Are you going to give these natural hair products a shot and are there any other interesting recipes for DIY hair products you want to suggest?

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