7 Vitamins That Aid Hair Growth ...


7 Vitamins That Aid Hair Growth ...
7 Vitamins That Aid Hair Growth ...

Vitamins that aid hair growth are no well-kept secret! Well, they are a secret of sorts, a secret of good looks and lush hair many women swear by, yet a secret any woman could make her own should she wish to. Many vitamins that aid hair growth and make hair grow faster, stronger and healthier have been discussed over the time, but some have been proven more important than others, crucial for metabolic processes that result in lush hair. Check them out!

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One of the most popular vitamins that aid hair growth, Biotin, a.k.a vitamin B7 a.k.a vitamin H, is crucial for cell growth, production of fatty acids and all of those fascinating yet a bit complicated processes that make one's hair grow long, strong and healthy. We get our daily fill of it through food, of course, although things such as harsh or unbalanced diets might cause a deficiency which, once discovered, will most likely lead your doctor to prescribe you with vitamins.


Vitamin B12

Another super important vitamin of the B complex family, vitamin B12 is commonly found in most animal products such as fish, meat, dairy and eggs, but you’ll also see it added to many other products such as energy drinks and bars, even breakfast cereal. Our body wouldn’t be able to work properly without it and our hair is no exception to that either. The lack of this vitamin is believed to be one of possible causes for hair fall out and premature graying, too!


Vitamin a

Suffering from a dry scalp and brittle hair? Vitamin A might be what your body lacks! It’s what keeps hair follicles alive and makes your scalp produce sebum that, in turn, naturally moisturizes your scalp and hair. Interesting, isn’t it? This precious vitamin that makes hair grow healthy is available in a number of fruit and vegetables and a great reason to start eating healthier!


Folic Acid

Do add Folic Acid or Vitamin B9 to your list of vitamins that make hair grow too, because it really is just as miraculous as pharmaceutical companies claim! Healthy, normal levels of this vitamin are super beneficial for your body in many ways and that includes stronger, longer and healthier hair as well. You’ll find it in a great deal of really yummy fruits, veggies, grains and animal products, or opt for supplements.


Pantothenic Acid

Had enough of those B vitamins? Hope not because this next (vitamin B5, to be sure) is rumored to be a secret of long, healthy hair and, as a bonus, is almost impossible to get overdosed with. Research has proven it safe, and it is available in supplement form and often used for faster hair growth.


Vitamin E

Crucial for metabolism and healthy hair, vitamin E helps improve the blood circulation in your scalp, ensuring optimal hair growth and hair follicle health. It also keeps your immunity high which, as we all know, is a must for glowing skin, long hair and nails. Get your vitamin levels checked to determine whether you should reach for supplements and do your best to maintain a healthy diet of enough green leafy veggies, nuts and whole grains as the primary sources of this more than precious nutrient.


Vitamin C

Last but not least – this uber popular nutrient has been advertised as the vitamin that aids hair growth for quite some time now! And while it’s no secret that the lack of this vitamin may be the cause of brittle, splitting hair, it is yet unclear as to how vitamin C supplements boost hair growth. Well, here’s the deal – vitamin C has strong antioxidant properties and will actually reinforce your hair from within, making it stronger and harder to break or split.

Have you ever taken supplements in hopes they’ll add precious inches to your hair length and how effective did they prove to be?

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Shampoo and conditioner make a lot of difference! As well as how often you shampoo your hair.

How much of each should you take daily? More than what is in a multi vitamin?

I've been drinking Shakeology for the past few months and my hair started growing so fast and i didn't know exactly why, now it just hit me!! Shakeo has all these vitamins! Awesome!!!! Thanks for this post! Loved it!

hello suhana dear

LOVING this article!

I use evening prim rose oil, and that works well for me. I take one 1300mg soft gel a day. It's also good for skin and nails. My nails aren't growing as long, but they're growing in thick, which I prefer.

@Tiff I agree with you!

Anyone have any tips on super - quick hair growth ? please & thankyou .

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