7 Products for Damaged Hair to Try ...

By Lindsey

7 Products for Damaged Hair to Try ...

There are about a million and one products for damaged hair on the market, but it can be really difficult to decide which ones to use. Lucky for you, I've created a to-the-point list of different items and products that will help tame your weary locks. Especially in these winter months, hair can become extremely dry and limp, so let’s try and get your hair to come back to life! Check out these hair products for damaged hair and revive your strands.

1 Heat-Protecting Sprays

I swear by heat-protectors as one of the best products for damaged hair. Spray it on damp hair after you’ve washed it and style your hair as you normally would. Heat tamer acts as a leave-in conditioner and allows for all heat products like blow dryers and straighteners to take the moisture from the product instead of your hair’s own natural moisture. Heat-protectors act as a barricade to shield your hair from damaging heat.

2 Hair Masks

Hair masks do just what a regular moisturizing mask does for your face. Apply this creamy product to wet hair and let it sit for about 20 minutes before rinsing with water and a mild shampoo. You won’t believe how silky your hair will feel after doing this miracle treatment.

3 Go Ceramic

Try to use heat tools that are ceramic, as heat is more evenly distributed through these products, which will help avoid burning or frying your hair.

4 Skip Washings

Believe it or not, washing your hair every day will strip it of its natural oils and actually cause your hair to be more dried-out. A great way to clean your hair between washings is by using a dry shampoo on your roots. After it’s applied, let it sit for a few minutes to soak up the oil, then either use your fingers to shake the product through your hair, or brush it through.

5 Hair, Meet Argan Oil

Argan oil is such a popular beauty product, and rightfully so. It penetrates your hair to lock in moisture and helps seal split ends. I used to be the split-end queen, and started using argan oil as a remedy. I noticed such a huge difference after only two or three uses. Definitely recommend!

6 Use the Diffuse!

When I was a kid, a hair diffuser was always that alien thing that mom put on the hair dryer, but now that I actually know the benefits of using a diffuser, I definitely suggest using it! Diffusers attach to the end of hair dryers and allow for more even distribution of air and also help to apply indirect heat to avoid frizz. There are also «fingers», or long plastic spikes attached to the diffuser to hold the hair as you’re drying for more volume and better styling.

7 Choose Wide-tooth

When combing your hair out after washing, go with a wide-tooth comb. Brushes can be extremely harmful and cause even more breakage to your damaged hair. Wide-tooth combs are much gentler to your hair and won’t tear at your strands.

Damaged hair can ruin your entire day, let alone your entire look. Caring for your locks is extremely important, especially to help promote new, healthy growth. If you’ve noticed that your hair has seen better days, try some of these easy remedies to help your strands shine. Do you have any tips for getting healthy, beautiful hair? I'd love to hear your ideas!

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