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Although there are more interesting things to spend your money on than hair care appliances, that doesn’t mean that you should get your hair care equipment as cheaply as possible. Not only are you doing a disservice to the appearance of your hair, you are also contributing to many hair care problems. Here are 7 important reasons you need to splurge on your hair care appliances and not just get them as cheaply as possible.

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The Health of Your Hair

The most important reason to splurge on your hair care appliances is for the health of your hair. Better products are designed to do less damage to your locks. Using low quality hair appliances could actually be doing a disservice to your tresses. The higher quality appliances are better equipped to protect your hair from heat than the cheap versions.


The Warranty

Another benefit of splurging on your hair appliances is the warranty. Many companies offer fantastic warranties that cover a wide range of problems. If you buy one at your local drugstore and it breaks after the window of return, you’ll most likely be out of luck. This typically isn’t the case with nicer appliances because the company cares about their reputation and your investment.


The Cost over Time

I know what you’re thinking, “Who cares about a warranty when I can just cheaply replace my appliances if they break?” The problem with this is that you might actually spend more money over time buying cheap appliances. Whenever I was buying hair care appliances as cheaply as I could find them, I found myself replacing them every 3-6 months. Since I have switched to higher end appliances, they have lasted me for years. The better materials make for longer lasting appliances that could easily save you money in the future.


The Quality

Cheaper products might be made with cheaper materials that can actually cause damage to your hair. For instance, many flat irons you buy from a drugstore are made from aluminum, which can cause breakage to your tresses. Higher end flat irons are made from ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium that combat frizz and dryness. A better quality hair appliance correlates to better quality of hair!


The Appearance of Your Hair

Not only will your hair feel better with higher quality appliances, it will also look better. Any time you are putting heat on your locks, you are running the risk of damage. Cheap appliances, however, can contribute to frizz, breakage, and dead ends. The higher the quality of your hair care equipment, the better it will protect your hair from these ailments, leaving your hair looking shiny and smooth.


The Ease of Use

Have you ever gotten a hair care appliance and found it just doesn’t seem to be working well? Maybe it takes you way too long to blow dry your hair or perhaps your curls don’t hold. It could all be in the type of hair equipment you are using. Good quality products do what they advertise, regardless how stubborn your hair might be.


The Options

And lastly, you should consider splurging on your hair care appliances because of all the options. Did you know that different hair types need to be flat ironed at different temperatures? Thick curly hair needs to be flat ironed at a much higher temperature than thin straight hair. The problem is that with drugstore flat irons, it can be hard to find one that allows you to control the heat. Also, you may want a thin flat iron or a thick one and once again, this is hard to find at a drugstore. The same goes for curling irons, curling wands, and blow dryers. The better quality you get, the more options you have as far as temperature control, size, and special needs.

I hope these reasons have convinced you to splurge on your hair care appliances. Your hair will thank you for it! I know it’s hard to spend so much money up front, but it will be worth it in the end. So what do you say, are you going to throw out your cheap appliances and splurge for something higher quality?

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