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7 Hair Treatments That Can Damage Your Hair ...

By Alison

In the pursuit of beautiful locks, you may consider treatments that can damage your hair. Many women opt for popular treatments, thinking that the stylist knows what they're doing or it's worth the risk. But your hair could end up in a far worse condition. Here are some treatments that can damage your hair …

1 Keratin

One of the treatments that can damage your hair has become very popular in recent years. Salons tout the Brazilian straightening treatment or keratin straightening as a miraculous way of getting straight hair that lasts for ages. However, it can contain harmful formaldehyde or methylene glycol. These treatments also subject the hair to high temperatures.

2 Extensions

Sure, extensions sound like the perfect way to get long hair fast, especially if yours doesn't seem to grow very much. But those lovely long locks can also be damaging. The problem is that they pull on your own hair; at worst it could actually cause patchy hair loss.

3 Bleaching

Bold, bright colors can look awesome if you've got the personality to carry it off. But these colors will only be really strong if you bleach your hair first. And the problem with bleaching is that it weakens the hair and makes it more vulnerable to damage and breaking. If you really want to dye your hair a strong color, it's best to keep your hair fairly short so that damaged hair won't take so long to grow out.

4 Perms or Chemical Straightening

Are women ever satisfied? If we have curly hair, we want it straight. If we have straight locks, we long for curls. Chemicals can give us the hair we wish we had, but at a price. Whether you use chemicals to straighten your hair or curl it, it's the same thing - you're using chemicals, and that is going to damage your hair.

5 Heat Treatments

Do you depend on your straighteners to tame your errant curls every day? Unfortunately, frequent use of straighteners may give you lovely smooth locks in the short term, but they'll suffer in the long term. The same is true of frequent blow drying. There are newer hairdryers on the market that claim to be kinder to your hair, such as ionic or ceramic dryers.

6 Weaves

Weaves have become popular among African American women as a way of getting long, straight hair. However, like extensions they can cause hair loss - and you can't be sure it will grow back. What's more, black hair is the type most vulnerable to damage, so subjecting it to a treatment that pulls at it can be risky.

7 Styles

Even the simple ponytail or braid can cause damage to your hair. What could you be doing wrong? Don't braid your hair when it's wet, or pull it very tight. Tight styles put stress on the hair just as extensions do, and if you wear a ponytail every day you could be causing repeated stress. Vary your style, and always use a soft band to tie your hair. And also use a good quality hairbrush.

If you are considering one of these treatments, do plenty of research into them. In the hands of a skilled practitioner you could be fine, but always be fully informed and don't go for cut-price treatments - it could cost you more in the long run. What is your worst hair disaster?

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