10 Best Foods for Your Hair ...


10 Best Foods for Your Hair ...
10 Best Foods for Your Hair ...

For the most luxurious and luscious locks possible you’ll need to step out of the shower and into the kitchen for a rich intake of the best foods for your hair. When lotions and potions seem to no longer work their magic on your tresses, look to your diet and not your beauty case to improve your hairs health. Nourish your locks from the inside out by eating nutrient full food that promotes strength and shine. So move that shampoo and conditioner aside, these 10 best foods for your hair pack a powerful punch.

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Eggs This common breakfast food, although high in cholesterol works wonders for your mane with a special vitamin called biotin. This B vitamin helps to encourage hair growth and renew hair follicles to create thicker, fuller locks. A lack of biotin in your diet can create dry, brittle hair so if your hair is easily breakable maybe it’s time to start evaluating what you eat. Eggs also help to stimulate and contribute to your scalp’s overall health, which can help hair grow faster and longer, making eggs one of the best foods for your hair.


Dark Green Vegetables

Dark Green Vegetables We should have all listened to Popeye when he told us to eat our spinach as dark green vegetables like broccoli and spinach have hair-healing powers. These dark green veggies are full with vitamin A and C, which help to create a natural scalp oil that works as a hair conditioner to pump vital and necessary oils into our hair to stimulate growth and renewal. Your hair’s natural oils are what keep your hair healthy and strong for hair that’s always shiny and never dull.



Strawberries Succulent strawberries are not only a sweet treat, they’re rich in vitamin C too which makes them one of the best foods for your hair! Vitamin C rich fruits like strawberries help your body absorb iron, which is fundamental for healthy hair and maximum growth. Too little of this vitamin will make hair dry and weak. By eating just a few strawberries a day you can increase your hair’s health by encouraging stronger, resilient strands with your diet.



Nuts A healthy daily intake of nuts is a good source of natural fat our body needs to survive and the same goes for your hair. Like eggs, nuts are full of biotin, which contributes to healthy, beautiful hair. Peanuts, almonds and macadamias are all great dietary options for restoring hair’s natural oils and shine.



Oysters Mostly known for their aphrodisiac powers, oysters are rich in zinc, which helps to stimulate and aid hair in follicle renewal. This shellfish delight manages your body’s production of the hormone androgen. Androgen, in low levels, has been linked to hair loss so zinc-rich diets will help to keep hair on your head for longer while keeping it soft and shiny.



Salmon Salmon is high in protein, which helps to maintain strong, healthy hair. When it comes to a food that packs a beauty punch, nothing has been quite as effective as salmon. This high-quality protein source is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which help to support scalp health and lustrous shine.



Beans Legumes play a huge role in hair maintenance and support for hair that’s healthy and revitalized. Beans are an excellent source of iron protein, which packs powerful nutrients to nourish your hair with. Specifically, lentils are high in iron and folate to create strong, luscious locks and banish hair loss.


Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Turn to this crop’s sweet sister, the sweet potato for a diet that nourished both skin and hair. Sweet potato contains beta-carotene, which your body produces into vitamin A that aids in the fight against dandruff. To avoid dull, dry hair add sweet potatoes into your diet and maintain your tresses with a boost of vitamin A.



Kale This super food, much like the sweet potato is packed with beta-carotene and is key to maintaining a healthy and well-hydrated scalp to avoid brittle hair and dandruff. Kale is especially useful for follicle growth and turnover for hair that grows longer and stronger every strand.


Red Meat

Red Meat Did you know that not enough iron could cause baldness? Which is why the consumption of lead red meat is important to not only your dietary intake but to your hair as well. Adding more iron into your diet in the form of lean red meat can help to re-grow hair making hair super long and strong. If you’re suffering from hair loss or thinning hair check your diet, as iron-deficiency is a common problem when it comes to hair growth.

When it comes to healthy hair, styling products can only do so much, which is why improving your diet with the best foods for your hair can revive and restore your tresses back to full strength. Improve your hair to long, luscious locks in just a few months by starting a hair-healthy diet today! Which of these foods do you eat for healthy hair?

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My bangs were cut too short and it looks really bad. I'm only 16, and we're out of school for summer right now. I want to hopefully get my hair to be longer and look better by August when school starts. What should I do?

This helps a lot. Thanks

These are all foods that I eat to keep my hair healthy. But my hair keeps falling out - like the roots aren't strong enough to hold the weight of the strand - this only happens when my hair grows longer. Can you or somebody research and write an article on that? What kind of food helps hair from falling out or have stronger roots.

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