7 Best Hair Care Gifts for a Hair Junkie ...


7 Best Hair Care Gifts for a Hair Junkie ...
7 Best Hair Care Gifts for a Hair Junkie ...

Hair care gifts are the best thing to give to a hair-obsessed girlie you love even if your initial thought is something along the lines, “But, she already has everything, what could I possibly buy her!”. Trust me, when you love something there is no such thing as “enough is enough”. There is only the “I’m broke so I guess it will have to do for now” or “I’m trying to control my cravings so I’ll pretend I don’t want it for the next two weeks, think about it every morning and evening then rush to the store after just 7 days worried it might go out of stock”. The best way to make your beloved lady happy is to give her something you know she’ll like and there are plenty of Christmas gifts for women who really like to pamper their tresses! Hurry up and check out this list below to find a perfect hair care gift for your BFF, mom, sister or cousin.

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Hair Magazine Subscription

It’s easy to do, doesn’t cost a fortune, can be done online even during the Christmas day and is a perfect way to make sure your hair obsessed loved one is kept happy all year round! Furthermore, online subscriptions often come with a neat gift or even a few which means she will end up getting something tangible! As hair care gifts go, I think this one may easily be the most convenient one for the giver! What more could you ask for?


Something Handmade

Handmade aromatherapy infusion for growth a cute collection of handmade hair soaps, mixture of various oils, handmade clip, hair band or even a hat – there are tons of Christmas gift for women obsessed with their hair. And you know how obsessions go – you always want to try something new. And if it’s handmade, natural, plain gorgeous or promises to do wonders for your hair…well, who could say “No” to that?


Something Natural

In case you don’t know anyone that makes interesting homemade gifts or can’t find any of the specialized shops in your area (which is unlikely but can happen), you can always do the next best thing – purchase a few interesting organic products and arrange them into an adorable gift. All you’ll need are the actual products, a neat little basket to put them in, some ribbons and wrapper of choice. Shake a leg and get crafty – there’s still enough time to get all of your supplies and make a wonderful hair care gift!


”the Best and the Latest” Gift Basket

Hope you’re not working on a tight budget this year because this gift basket may turn out to be rather pricy! Get a few of the best, newest products to pack for your hair obsessed girlie and you can bet she’ll have plenty of experimenting to look forward to in the new year! Opt for the new products even if you know she prefers drugstore brands, relying on Garnier, L’Oreal, Tresemme to help you put together a gorgeous yet budget friendly gift for a loved one.


Contraption for Heatless Styling

Every hair junkie knows that staying away from heated tools is crucial for healthy hair! Luckily for you, there are tons of contraptions that involve no heat yet guarantee a red-carpet ready hairstyle! I’m talking about rollers, curlformers, flexirods – the whole shebang! And yes, that’s definitely a good present! Hair accessories and those freakishly useful plastic thingies that allow you to create a fancy up do with only two flicks of the wrist are great as well!


Brush Set

Ah yes, well we shouldn’t forget these, should we? And what a great Christmas gift for a woman that enjoys taking care of her hair! Get her a pro ceramic and tourmaline styling brush in case she loves doing her own blowouts and is constantly on a lookout for products that cut the heating time in half and protect hair or opt for a set of natural bristle brushes to help her style and care for her hair on daily basis.


Book on Hair Care

Last but not the least – a truly amazing present any girl would love getting for Christmas! Get her a paperback book in case she loves to read or an audio book in case she doesn’t really have time for such things. What are you waiting for? Hop over to the nearest book shop and take your pick amongst many super-interesting books available in this category!

Which Christmas gifts for women you love and care about are you going to be shopping for this year? Do tell! And do have this list in mind, as it might help you come up with not only a great gift for a hair junkie but neat little stocking stuffers as well!

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