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7 Helpful Home Remedies for Dandruff ...

By Lisa

Are you interested in some home remedies for dandruff? We all know how having dandruff can be such a drag, not to mention embarrassing and bothersome. But don’t fret, there are ways we can improve the situation! I found seven super helpful and effective home remedies for dandruff that can help you get rid of those pesky flakes! Keep reading for some useful DIY recipes to get rid of flakes fast!

1 Olive Oil

I think the best thing about these home remedies for dandruff is that they’re easy to make and affordable! The first home remedy is olive oil. Olive oil is great for so many things and it’s known as a moisturizer and clarifying agent. Warm up some olive oil in the microwave for 20-second intervals until it’s warm, not hot. Then, apply the oil to the affected area in circular motions, leave in your hair for at least an hour and wash out with shampoo. You can even leave it in overnight and wash it out in the morning!

2 Lemon Juice

This next home remedy for dandruff smells as good as it works! Lemon juice has been touted as nature’s cure for dandruff and can help balance pH levels and oils on the scalp so you can enjoy tousling your hair without worrying about flakes! Simply squeeze the juice of a lemon into a glass of water. Next, wet your hair and remove any excess water. Massage your hair with the lemon peel for a few minutes and then rinse your hair with the lemon juice and water mixture.


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3 Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another treat for your hair and as a bonus it helps get rid of dandruff! Massage 3-5 tablespoons of coconut oil into your scalp and shampoo after about an hour. There should be no need to condition your hair since the coconut oil makes a fab conditioning treatment. Or you can combine a tablespoon of lemon juice and 5 tablespoons of coconut oil, massage onto your scalp and shampoo after an hour.

4 Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is another kitchen staple that’s a must-have for DIY divas! ACV does wonders for our skin and our hair. Mix ¼ cup apple cider vinegar and a ¼ cup water and pour it into a spray bottle. Next, spritz this mixture on your hair and scalp, being careful to avoid your eyes. Then, wrap your hair up in a towel and leave it up for 15-60 minutes and wash your hair as normal.

5 Baking Soda

The next home remedy for dandruff is super fast and super easy! All you have to do is wet your hair, then rub a handful of baking soda in your hair and vigorously rub it in your scalp. Use this baking soda treatment instead of shampoo for a few weeks and it should revive your scalp to produce natural oils. You might find that the treatment can dry your hair out at first. If so, use less baking soda and you should start seeing fewer flakes!

6 Aspirin

Here’s another fast and simple home remedy for dandruff. Grab a couple of aspirins and crush them until it’s a fine powder. Then you just add the aspirin to the normal amount of shampoo you use and rub it in your hair and scalp. Leave this in for a couple of minutes, rinse well and wash again with only shampoo.

7 Mouthwash

I know what you’re thinking-you would never dream of applying mouthwash to your hair. Well, allow me to explain. Mouthwash contains hydrogen peroxide, which has antiseptic properties that will help get rid of fungi that causes dandruff. Wash your hair as usual, then apply a capful of any mouthwash on your hair and rinse with cold water.

These home remedies for dandruff are all simple, effective and very easy to use. If you want to take the natural or cost-effective route in treating dandruff, any of these home treatments are an excellent alternative to commercial dandruff treatments. Have you ever tried any of these home remedies for dandruff?

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