DIY Hair Mask for Shiny Locks ...


DIY Hair Mask for Shiny Locks ...
DIY Hair Mask for Shiny Locks ...

Need a DIY mask for shiny hair? Every girl wants silky, soft and shiny hair. But lifestyles don't always allow for hours in the salon. Busy working hours, chemicals and stress have an impact on your hair. If you have rough and unmanageable hair, it needs some love. Give it with this DIY mask for shiny hair.

You will need only 3 ingredients for this weekly hair mask.

• 2 bananas or more ( according to your hair length)
• 2 tbsp honey
• 2 tbsp coconut oil

To prepare you will need a bowl and a net cloth to mash bananas. The cloth is optional; you can also blend the bananas in mixer or blender.

Mash bananas, put 2 tbsp of honey in the mixture. Then 2 tbsp of coconut oil. Mix them well. Your banana hair mask is ready. Start applying from ends of your hair upwards. Wait for 30-40 minutes and rinse with a bit hot water to remove all residue.

Honey is a super conditioner and keeps moisture in your hair. It also boosts hair growth and cleanses impurities from your hair. In fact, the regular application of honey makes your hair super silky. There are a lot of honey conditioners and shampoos on the market. In fact, honey is the top natural home remedy for dry hair, dandruff and hair loss. So don't believe rumors that honey turns your hair grey.

Coconut oil is multi-tasking hair care product.

This banana mask can effectively replace many hair care products in your cabinet. Check it out.

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