DIY Natural Nourishing Milk Oats Olive Oil Mask for Healthy Hair Growth for All Types of Hair ...

By Leiann

I am a little clueless on this one... But, I am going to learn with you!

Back in my younger years, I always used Paul Mitchell. My family always gave me the best. My hair was so healthy. And you probably know how good Paul Mitchell smells.

Then, I grew up. No longer being able to afford Paul Mitchell. Dollar stores started appearing everywhere back then. So, I ventured in.

For years now, I have been buying dollar store hair care products. My hair shows it too. Falling out hair. Balding spots. Thinning.

I want to use something daily on my hair to repair. But, I just cannot afford Paul Mitchell, Biolage, Crew, etc.

So, I am at the mercy of YouTube. Maybe I can attempt this one. Maybe another. What do you think? Do I buy the ingredients for this hair mask at a dollar store? LOL

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