KeraHealth - Hair Supplements That Actually Work ...


KeraHealth - Hair Supplements That Actually Work ...
KeraHealth - Hair Supplements That Actually Work ...

KeraHealth is an amazing hair supplement company I discovered that has literary changed my life. But let's start from the beginning. I am someone who has suffered from hair loss on and off for years. My dry, brittle hair has always been prone to breaking and it doesn’t grow very fast either. So when I say I have tried every supplement that promises long, luscious locks on the market - trust me, I have… Unfortunately, after trying and testing out what felt like hundreds of products, which all promised to grow my hair and make it thicker and more voluminous, I was still stuck with the same dry, brittle, hair that wouldn’t grow past my collar bone. NOTHING seemed to work, until I read an article in the media touting the great results of KeraHealth Hair supplements.

After doing my due diligence, I realised that one of the main nutrients that is KEY for stimulating hair growth is keratin. I then realised that a lot of hair-growth products claim to have keratin in them, but it is not actually in a form that is absorbable by the body… which means it really actually does nothing for your hair. When I was reading up on KeraHealth Hair supplements, I understood their Hair Vitamins for Women contained keratin, but through their own patented technology process have found a way of making the keratin into oligopeptides, which are basically tiny molecules small enough so that they can be absorbed by the body - which is a major game changer.

I then spoke to Fay Afghahi, the Founder and brains behind KeraHealth.

She explained the process of developing the KeraHealth Hair Supplement: “I researched a group of renowned scientists who has carried out extensive research in the field of hair loss, so I travelled to the South of France to meet with them and really understand the science behind hair loss. I worked together with these scientists, dermatologists and trichologists to understand the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are vital for hair growth, and then developed a clinically proven formula that really works to reduce hair loss and increase the rate of hair growth, and health” And having tried the supplements, I can confidently say she’s right! These supplements really do work.

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What are KeraHealth Hair Supplements’ Key Ingredients?

So, what are these amazing nutrients that are packed into the KeraHealth Supplements? Well, I’m here to tell you!



The first one is KerCysteine. This is KeraHealth’s exclusive ingredient! As I’ve already said, it is a form of keratin that is broken down into small enough pieces for your body to absorb. As keratin makes up the majority of your hair shaft, and your body’s supply of it depletes with age, ensuring that you are getting it from an external source is key for hair health in the long term!



Another amazing ingredient that KeraHealth have included in their supplements is biotin. Now, I know you have all probably heard that biotin is the KEY to all your hair problems, but Fay let me in on some more information. She explained that in order for biotin to actually work, you need to have the right amount of keratin in your body too. One doesn’t work without the other. So by taking KeraHealth supplements, you make sure that you get both of these nutrients in the right amounts for your hair's optimum health!


Vitamin B6

KeraHealth supplements are also full of vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, which is super important for metabolising protein. They turn the protein you take in from your diet and essentially repackage it for your body's use. Given that keratin is a protein and it is what predominantly makes up your hair, vitamin B6 is key for ensuring your hair is getting enough keratin and is therefore strong, and healthy!


Copper and Zinc

Two other amazing nutrients that Fay decided to pop into their supplements are copper and zinc. Copper is known for helping your circulatory system. It helps to keep your tissues and blood vessels healthy, and in doing so, it ensures that your hair follicles are getting enough oxygen as well as nutrients. Zinc works to keep your oil glands in tip top shape, and your hair strands moisturised! It is also great for repairing any damage to the hair follicle and shaft. Overall, both of these nutrients are fab for your hair!


Pantothenic Acid, Niacin, and Superoxide Dismutase

Three more amazing nutrients they include (among many others) are pantothenic acid, niacin, and superoxide dismutase (SOD). Pantothenic acid works to repair any heat damage caused by curlers or straighteners - that we’re all guilty of over-using. It helps to rebuild the hair strand, making it thicker and stronger. Niacin is another ingredient that helps with circulation. It ensures that your follicles are getting the right nutrients in order to thrive! Finally, SOD is a world renowned antioxidant that actually originates from the cantaloupe melon. It works to combat free radicals (that are formed when your body internalises stress) that can cause premature hair loss and aging - which none of us want!

These ingredients all work together to combat hair loss and work to strengthen and revitalise your hair!

So… What’s the Verdict?

After committing to KeraHealth supplements for 3 months, I have noticed a massive improvement in my hair. You just have to take two supplements every day, and wait for them to work their magic (quite literally). Though they are not an overnight solution, you do quickly start seeing results, and after three months you really do start noticing them. My hair not only looks and feels thicker, but it has also grown past my collar bones for once in my life and its texture is amazing! It also feels much less brittle and I have noticed a lot less breakage as well.

I would definitely recommend KeraHealth Hair Supplements to anyone who feels their hair is falling out or isn’t as thick as they want it to be, as it’s worked wonders for me!

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