16 Best Red Hair Dyes for All Hair Types and Colors ...


16 Best Red Hair Dyes for All Hair Types and Colors ...
16 Best Red Hair Dyes for All Hair Types and Colors ...

Dying hair is so much fun! You can completely change your look in just a couple hours (or less) and it doesn't even have to be permanent! Plus, with all the affordable box dyes on the market, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to dye even the longest of hair. Sometimes with dark hair it's hard to find a color that will cover without completely frying it out and bleaching it. If you're looking to change up your 'do and considering going red then you've come to the right place to find the perfect red hair dye for dark hair. A side note to always consider when changing to red: red colors are based on 3 different undertones-copper, blue, and purple. If you want to find your perfect shade, you need to consider what undertone you want to go for. Now that we've covered that... let's dive right in to the goods!

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Manic Panic Semi-permanent Vampire Red

Product, Superfruit, Food, Hair coloring, manicpanic.com
This semi-permanent color will work on even the darkest of hair. You have the option to bleach it before hand for a brighter bolder look, but if you want to just throw it on over your dark hair you will not be disappointed. Manic Panic dye in the shade Vampire Red will give your dark hair a dark red look without the brassiness and if you don't like it, it'll wash out in 4-6 weeks so you won't be stuck with it forever. Added bonus: it's vegan!
Buy it for $14


Lime Crime Semi-Permanent Valentine Red

Red, Product, Pink, Lip, Hand, limecrime.com
Looking for a bright red color? You've just found it! Lime Crime Valentine is the bright red at-home dye you need again, works best when bleached or lightened, but will add a nice subtle tint to your dark hair if you don't want something quite so bold. Another semi-permanent color (that is also vegan) will change the hair game for you.
Buy it for $16


L'Oreal Feria Permanent Deep Autumn Red

Hair, Red, Hair coloring, Brown hair, Brown, lorealparisusa.com
L'Oreal is known for their beauty products-hair dye included-which means you probably cannot go wrong with this deep red box dye. They have 8 different shades of red (this one is more of a deep burgundy almost purple) and they work amazing on all hair types. Feria provides never dull color that is vibrant and beautiful from week to week. You probably will not find a better permanent red hair dye than this brand.
Buy it for $10


L'Oreal Feria Permanent Copper

Hair, Hair coloring, Blond, Brown hair, Brown, lorealparisusa.com
Looking for a bold red dye? Another L'Oreal Feria color, Power Copper will have you loving your hair. It's a bright red almost orange intense color that will have heads turning everywhere you go. It's probably one of the best bright red hair dyes you will find in pretty much any store (most drug stores, Walmarts, etc) for a reasonable price and with full coverage color.
Buy it for $10


Garnier Nutrisse Permanent Dark Intense Burgundy

Hair, Hair coloring, Brown, Brown hair, Violet, garnierusa.com
Another dark red to throw on the list, Garnier is always my go-to box dye color. It holds on even the most stubborn of hair (which I have) and they have a bajillion shades to choose from-okay not really but you get the idea. This dark burgundy is another red that is almost purple, but if you're looking to make the hair change come fall, you'll want a darker color anyways. This is another brand that can be found pretty much any store that sells hair dye, and the website even gives you a coupon for $2. PLUS, the box says it's recommended for anyone with dark hair so you know it'll work when you're trying to change your dark hair to red.
Buy it for $8


Dark & Lovely Permanent Vivacious Red

Hair, Hair coloring, Brown hair, Brown, Blond, walmart.com
Dark skinned girls know the struggle of trying to dye their hair and thankfully Dark & Lovely has created the perfect fade resistant permanent color that also nourishes hair to keep it from frying out. You will be living your best life when you choose this bright vivacious red.
Buy it for $5


Dark & Lovely Permanent Spicy Red

Hair, Hair coloring, Brown, Brown hair, Blond, walmart.com
Another one by Dark & Lovely, this box dye is the best for getting your dark hair to red. If you're looking for a not so bold color but still want to get red, this spicy red is the right choice for you.If you're asking yourself and searching the web "what's the best red hair dye?" then you need to type this choice in your search bar.
Buy it for $7


Sparks Permanent Red Dye

Hair, Hair coloring, Face, Eyebrow, Blond, amazon.com
Sparks gives you salon quality hair without the expense and from the comfort of your own home. Vegan friendly, long lasting, and totally vibrant (plus it comes in 23 different shades so if you ever want to mix it up from red, they've got you covered). This red velvet shade will make you feel like a Disney Princess. Added bonus of this color is you can mix it with other colors to create your perfect shade.
Buy it for $10


Loreal Superior Preference Chic Auburn

Hair, Hair coloring, Brown hair, Brown, Eyebrow, amazon.com
If you want to skip the overly bold red look and go with something more subtle and natural looking then you must pick Loreal Paris Superior Preference in the shade Chic Auburn. This is a more brownish red which is a hot color this year (especially for fall). Loreal Superior Preference is also known for it's fade defying formula which is an added bonus so you won't have to dye it so often.
Buy it for $18


Revlon Bright Auburn

Hair, Hair coloring, Brown hair, Blond, Brown, amazon.com
Copper red is all the rage this year so if you're looking to keep your red hair up with the times, Revlon Bright Auburn is the way to go. Revlon is the number 1 selling hair dye brand on the market and it has no smell with added shine boosters to make your hair look professionally done. This bright auburn shade will fill your red headed dreams.
Buy it for $7


Schwarzkopf Hair Cream Ruby Red

Hair, Red, Hair coloring, Brown, Brown hair, amazon.com
This brand might sound unfamiliar, but it's actually the ones who brought you the Got2B brand and it's a good one! This ruby red color is vivid, their formula is guaranteed to last 9 weeks, and give incredible shine. Though more of a burgundy, the ruby red shade of Schwarzkopf is sure to turn heads and have all eyes on you for its gorgeous appeal.
Buy it for $10


Splat 30 Wash No Bleach Midnight Ruby

Hair coloring, Beauty, Poster, Lip, Advertising, amazon.com
This demi-permanent Midnight Red is what fall dreams are made of! First off, let's talk the no bleach which is a LIFESAVER for those with darker hair wanting to go red without all the added effort. Secondly, this color is deep-almost purple-but still a gorgeous bright red all at the same time. It's mystifying but you won't regret doing your hair this shade.
Buy it for $13


Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Lipstick

Pink, Product, Nail, Hand, Material property, ulta.com
Another one added to the list of must have reds so you've got a different shade all year long! Unicorn Hair Dye by Lime Crime in the shade Lipstick is deep, bold, and absolutely amazing! It's semi-permanent so you don't have to make any massive commitments, and it can be used on blonde to dark hair without bleach.
Buy it for $16


Punky Colour Fire

Font, Rectangle, Logo, Brand, amazon.com
Fire is the name of this shade and you will look flame AF when you rock this bright orangy-pinky-red color! Lasts 25 washes (which is great for those with commitment issues)!
Buy it for $7


Arctic Fox Poison

Red, Product, Liquid, Deodorant, Material property, amazon.com
Oh My WOW! This color is JAW DROPPING!!! Seriously... This red/orange is beyond stunning and such a great bold choice. You won't be able to stop all eyes on you when you're wearing this fantastic red color. Plus, like many others on this list, it's semi-permanent.
Buy it for $19


Dexe Bright Red

Hair, Red, Hair coloring, Product, Brown, amazon.com
Hydrating, excellent pigment, and affordable. This bright red hair dye protects from damage and also colors even the darkest of hair. Keep in mind it is a permanent color though so be sure you're ready to commit for awhile since you won't be washing this one out after a few showers.
Buy it for $17

Red hair dye might seem like a tricky task to take on at home but half the struggle is finding the right shade for you. Whether you want bold and shocking or perhaps something a little bit more mellow and darker, this list has got you covered-or at the very least-this list will point you in the right direction to help you find your perfect dark to red shade.

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