19 Fantastic Natural Homemade Shampoos ...

Natural homemade shampoo is safe to use, healthy, amazingly budget-friendly or, in short, everything our standard store-bought shampoo isn’t which, you will agree, does make for a pretty good reason to give DIY shampoos a go. And with so many fantastic natural ingredients just waiting to be used in all those modern and traditional natural shampoo recipes and a list of 18 fantastic DIY shampoos, it’s time to go DIY or go home!

1. Stinging Nettle Natural Homemade Shampoo for Hair Growth

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First on my list of natural homemade shampoos is a recipe I’ve promised to one of our readers some time ago then shuffled through a whole lot of old notebooks only to realize I don’t have it anymore. Luckily, there are ladies out there who still had it and although it took some time, I finally managed to get my hands on it!

Organic Nettle Shampoo (500ml)
1-2 Table Spoons Panthenol Solution
Stinging Nettle Extract (25ml)
2-3 Vials Vitamin B Complex
Castor Oil (50ml)

Pro Tip: Combine the ingredients together and store in a glass jar to avoid interaction with the herbs. Use this shampoo to improve the condition of your hair and prevent thinning. First results (new growth) should be visible after about a month and you should continue to use it over the course of next 3-4 months. Due to the properties of Panthenol (which acts as a natural silicone, coating the hair shaft making it feel stiffer than usual), a clarifying treatment might be a good one to throw in once in a while or, you can choose not to add Panthenol at all and apply it separately instead to roots only (which will reduce oiliness).

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