9 Natural Heat ♨️ Protectants 🛡️ Your Hair Will Love 👌 ...

Natural heat protectants such as grapeseed oil could really help you finally switch to a 100% chemical-free hair care regimen, while still getting all the benefits chemicals such as silicones provide. Now, I know it sounds a bit odd but some oils out there are said to be just as good as store-bought stuff and are actually quite popular natural heat protectants many people praise and recommend to others. Sounds interesting? Well, here they are – 9 hair oils you can use alone or mix together to create a natural hair product that offers protection against heat and UV rays:

1. Grapeseed Oil

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Widely known for its high smoking point and fantastic results in hair care, grapeseed oil is a natural heat protectorant better than most store-bought ones! Ladies brave enough to give it a go, all claim applying grapeseed oil before flat-ironing‌ gave their naturally very curly tresses added shine and silky soft feel, pointing out the absence of usual side-effect such as sizzling sounds and burned smell.

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