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Want Thick Shiny Hair? These Are the Foods You Should Be Putting on Your Plate ...

By Neecey

What you eat isn't just reflected in your weight. It shows in your skin and hair. If you want your tresses to be thick and lustrous you need to treat them with TLC. This includes feeding your hair all the nutrients it needs to stay and look healthy. If you eat a healthy balanced diet, you will grow stronger and healthier cells throughout your entire body -- inside and out but you can focus especially on these hair-healthy foods.

1 Eat Salmon Because Essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids Are Needed to Support Scalp Health

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2 Spinach Contains Plenty of Vitamins a and C, Vital for Sebum Production

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3 Red Kidney Beans Provide Plentiful Protein to Promote Hair Growth as Well as Iron, Zinc and Biotin

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4 Eat Brazil Nuts Because They Are One of Nature’s Best Sources of Selenium (Scalp Health)

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5 Choose Lean Chicken for Protein and Iron with a High Degree of Bioavailability


6 Walnuts Pack a Punch of Alpha-linolenic Acid, an Omega-3 Fatty Acid to Condition Your Hair

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7 Shuck Oysters Because They're Packed with Zinc, a Powerful Antioxidant


8 Chickpeas Are the Ideal Vegetarian Alternative to Oysters

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9 Count on Carrots to Deliver Much Needed Vitamin a


10 Choose Low Fat Yogurt Because Healthy Hair Needs Calcium


12 Eat Eggs Any Which Way Because They Deliver Protein, Vitamin B-12 and Biotin

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13 Wild Rice is Rich in B Vitamins, Such as Niacin and Folate


14 Choose Whole Wheat Because It Delivers a Hair-healthy Dose of Zinc, Iron and B Vitamins

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15 Low Fat Cottage Cheese Contains the Calcium Your Hair Will Thank You for

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16 Eat Swiss Chard Because Dark Green Vegetables Provide Vitamins a and C, Iron and Calcium

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17 You Need Some Papaya Action for Its High Vitamin C Content Which is Needed for Good Circulation, Hair Growth and Hair Color


18 Pop Some Pumpkin Seeds for Their Magnesium Which Aids Hair Growth

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19 Eat Some Beef Because It is the Richest Food Source of Zinc

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20 Eat Sunflower Seeds 'cos They Are the Richest Source of Vitamin E

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21 Guzzle down the Guava to Get Way More than Your RDV of Vitamin C


22 Eat Sweet Potatoes for Their Beta-carotene Which Turns into Vitamin a Which Turns into Healthy Hair

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23 Spice up Your Food with Cinnamon Which Increases Circulation to Feed Your Follicles


24 Eat Oats for Silica Which Can Help Prevent Breakage

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25 Avocados Are Packed with Monounsaturated Fats, Fatty Acids and Vitamin E, All of Which Can Help Promote Nourished, Supple and Strong Hair

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