Awesome Ingredients to Use to Make Your Hair Shine ...


Awesome Ingredients to Use to Make Your Hair Shine ...
Awesome Ingredients to Use to Make Your Hair Shine ...

Are you looking for some ingredients to use to make your hair shine? It would be fair to say that for lots of us ladies out there, getting our hair to produce a wonderful, healthy-looking shine is one of the biggest goals when it comes to that particular area of beauty and fashion. Some lucky women have naturally shiny, sensational hair, but for others, we sometimes need to add a few different things to the equation in order to produce the results that we are hoping for! Here are some ideal ingredients to use to make your hair shine.

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This is one of the best ingredients to use to make your hair shine. Eggs are packed full of amino acids which are perfect for giving your hair that shimmering shine and the yolks can really help to improve the texture as well as the aesthetic look of your locks.



The hops and protein that are contained in beer can do wonders for bringing life to your sad looking locks. It’s really simple to incorporate beer into your hair routine. All you have to do is massage a bottle into your hair after shampooing, leave to penetrate and absorb for five minutes, and then rinse out! (Use bitter or ale, not lager).



Applying plain yoghurt to your hair can help to add moisture, softness and shine to your hair. Comb the yoghurt through like you would conditioner and leave it on your hair for around thirty minutes for maximum effect. Then proceed to rinse it out whilst undertaking your regular shampoo and conditioner routine.

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