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I’m pretty sure that, like me, you have scoured the Internet looking for tips for shinier hair. Who doesn't want their crowning glory to be tangle-free and shiny, right? I've suffered bad hair days ever since I can remember and over time, I have learnt that the best solution does not always involve a panic decision that leads me to the salon. Here are time-tested tips for shinier hair that won’t make you bleed a hundred or more bucks:

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Coconut Milk (or Coconut Oil)

I spent a fraction of my childhood years in a small village in the Philippines where I learned several tips for shinier hair. One of them is using coconut milk and coconut oil. Obtaining coconut milk was crude in the province; you literally have to work to get the precious milk. It’s very convenient for us these days though. Just massage the milk/oil to your scalp down to the tip of your hair and let it rest for an hour. It’s great as a deep conditioning treatment, daily hair moisturizer and even as a remedy to cure dandruff.


Beer My Dear

A male classmate in high school shared that her sister uses beer to make her hair shiny. No kidding! How can something that gets people drunk do magic on a girl’s locks? I tried it several times and I must admit, beer can really do the job. You wouldn't like the smell though and you would need to look for that brand that will agree with your hair. I settled with San Miguel Beer and Budweiser. Pour it the way your pour water to your hair, massage scalp, rinse.


Honey + Conditioner

In 2007, I tried an experiment: mix honey with my favorite conditioner. The result? Obedient, pretty, shiny strands. Be sure to let the mixture stay in your hair for 30 minutes (I would even extend it to an hour) and rinse it well.


No Warm Water

To protect my hair during a hot shower, I usually put on a shower cap. I don’t use hot/lukewarm water to wash or rinse my hair. It does make your hair brittle and dull as warm water strips the natural oil from your hair. I know it’s a lot of work to put on that shower cap and then adjusting the knobs more than one time but just remember: those who endure short-term sacrifices always reap good fruits in the long term. So...you know what to do.


Whisk Those Eggs

My hair stylist once told me: “Not all shiny hair is healthy. Don’t be fooled.” I complained about dry hair and she told me to do this: “Whisk one or two eggs in a bowl and apply to your hair after washing it with shampoo. Let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse with cool water.”

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Avoid Washing It Every Day

This applies to those with dry hair. Not washing your hair for a day or two is okay. Doing so gives your hair a break from chemicals in shampoo and conditioner. Your hair roots produce oil that serves as natural moisturizer. Let your hair breathe and let nature do its work.


Blow Dry Occasionally

It’s best if you leave your hair alone to dry on a daily basis. Just let it air dry. This is not a popular option for people who are always in a hurry but if you really have to, choose the warm setting for less "impact".

What else do you do to keep your crowning glory healthy?

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Definitely don't blow dry my hair all the time drys my hair out try to let it dry naturally mostly

I've found if you make a catnip rinse, it helps so much! It's supposed to help with growth, split ends, and dryness. I was able to go five days without washing it when I used this rinse. Amazing stuff! Just watch out if you own cats like I do cx

Coconut oil and eggs do wonders!😃

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