Amazing DIY Leave in Conditioners Your Hair Will Thank You for ...


Amazing DIY Leave in Conditioners Your Hair Will Thank You for ...
Amazing DIY Leave in Conditioners Your Hair Will Thank You for ...

Leave in conditioner is an awesome thing because it lets you hydrate and take care of your hair for hours at a time instead of just a couple of minutes in the shower. Typically, you will put the conditioner in after you wash your hair and then leave it until you wash again. If you aren't a fan of harsh ingredients in drugstore products, you can easily make your own leave in conditioner. Any of the recipes on this list will revitalize your hair and leave it looking shiny and gorgeous.

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Leave in Spray

This version actually uses your favorite conditioner, mixed with water and tea tree oil. All you have to do is spritz it in and let it go to work. It's easy and effective.


For Dry and Damaged Hair

One of the best reasons to use a leave in conditioner is if you have dry hair. This one uses coconut and almond milk to hydrate and repair your strands.


For Natural Hair

Natural hair requires special care. This leave in conditioner uses a nourishing conditioner combined with argan oil to keep natural hair perfectly hydrated and healthy.


Whipped Shea Butter

Shea butter is a glorious choice as a leave in conditioner. When you whip it, it goes a lot further and infuses each strand with moisture to restore healthy locks.


Diy Leave in Conditioner

This version will help repair damaged follicles, strengthen your hair and hydrate each strand. Water, jojoba oil and peppermint oil combine to give you a really easy and wonderful smelling diy leave in conditioner.


Coconut Milk Conditioner

You've probably heard all about the benefits of coconut milk for your hair. It hydrates, smooths and softens your strands so it makes sense that it would be the perfect ingredient for a leave in conditioner.


Aloe Vera Recipe

Aloe vera is a intensely hydrating and when you use it as a leave in conditioner you wind up with soft, shiny hair that is super healthy.


Deep Conditioning

Chances are that if you're making a leave in conditioner, it's because your hair needs a little extra hydration. Olive oil, coconut water and apple cider vinegar will help you achieve your goal.


Heat Protectant Leave in Conditioner

If you've ever seen smoke when you heat style your hair, it's probably because you didn't wash your conditioner out well enough. This leave in conditioner won't do that.


To Prevent Breakage

If you're dealing with breakage, this leave in conditioner will prevent it in the future. It combines your favorite conditioner with olive oil to get the job done.


Rosemary Conditioner

This recipe uses hot water, rosemary leaves and rosemary oil to hydrate your hair and leave it looking and feeling healthy. Do not use rosemary oil if you are pregnant or have high blood pressure.


Aloe Vera and Argan Oil

If you want something that really pumps up the moisture of your hair, this is the leave in conditioner for you. Aloe vera and argan oil offer a double punch for perfect hair.


For Epic Curls

Sometimes leave in products can leave your hair weighed down, but not this one. It's perfect for you if you want to curl your hair after applying it. It's lightweight, but still effective.


Anti-dandruff Conditioner

If you have dry flakes on your scalp, this leave in conditioner will help eliminate them. It contains tea tree oil, hemp oil and aloe vera gel, which combine to make a totally awesome product.


Creamy Leave in Conditioner

If you want something that's creamy and that smells good, this is the one for you. You'll love how it feels when you massage it into your hair and you'll adore how great your strands look.

Which one is your new favorite?

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