A Lifesaving Plan to Rescue Damaged Hair ...


A Lifesaving Plan to Rescue Damaged Hair ...
A Lifesaving Plan to Rescue Damaged Hair ...

Do you need a a plan to rescue damaged hair? If you surveyed 100 women about what they are most concerned about when it comes to their beauty regime, we can guarantee that more than half of them would talk about their hair. Through years of straightening, curling, dyeing and everything else in between, your hair can get to a point where it is really quite damaged, to the extent that you can see it from a distance as well as feel the damage on your finger tips. This can be really frustrating, and can even lead to a lack of self confidence. However, fear not, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Here is a plan to rescue damaged hair.

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Conditioning Treatment

Going for a simple deep conditioning treatment is the first and arguably most important step towards rescuing your poor damaged hair and step one in a plan to rescue damaged hair. A good, long, quality deep conditioning can sometimes even restore your hair to its former glory with very little else. This should always be the first thing to do when you decide that it is time to tackle the problem head-on. You may also want to consider oiling your hair as part of this process too.


Heat Protecting Spray

After you have gained some self-confidence and happiness back thanks to the deep condition, you need to do things that will turn into a long-term solution to prevent damaged hair from happening again. Using a heat protecting spray every time you use a hairdryer, straightener or curling iron is a great place to start. Get into the habit of doing it until it becomes second nature.


Soft Hair Ties

Invest in a large pack of soft hair ties to wear in your hair, and throw out any of the horrible, unyielding harder elastic ties that provide the perfect tool for breaking your strands and causing split ends. Softer ties will be much kinder to your hair and will prevent more unnecessary damage from occurring.


Trim Split Ends

Don’t fall into the hole of leaving too long in between haircuts. It’s something that a lot of women tend to do and can be one of the biggest reasons for your hair becoming damaged and unruly. Get your split ends trimmed on a monthly basis, not only to make your style look sharper but to prevent the split in the strands moving even higher up your hair and causing damage where there really didn’t have to be any. Stick to at least one monthly appointment with a hairdresser!


Scalp Massage

Another great tip is to massage your scalp for a time period of at least ten minutes every single day. Not only does this feel really nice and relaxing, but it also encourages and stimulates blood flow to that area of your body, which in turn can have the effect of boosting your hair health in terms of growth and other things, like even slowing down the rate of greys appearing!

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