The Ultimate πŸ’― Hairbrush Guide πŸ“– to Tame πŸ™ Those Locks ...


There are so many types of hair brushes. A hairbrush guide? No, we aren't kidding you. And this could definitely be a step up in the hair game for you, girl! Because obviously, hair is as important as makeup and your outfit, right? And what's scarier than a bad hair day. So, tame your hair with the right brushes and trust us when we say this - it will make it a whole lot easier. Well yeah, you can thank us later! Here are some types of hair brushes to choose from.


When in a hurry, the paddle brush won't ever let you down. Get one of that fits right into your bag and brush that mane on the go. It will detangle the hair easily and would help in with scalp stimulation. Use a natural bristle paddle brush if you have thin hair as it would evenly distribute the hair oil from the roots to the tips while being gentle on your strands. If you have dry hair, go for the synthetic ones as they cause least static.